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    Posted by on September 25th, 2006 · Comments (5)

    Via the Baseball Musings Day By Day Database, I was just looking at the stats of some key Yankees hitters since the big series up at Fenway:


    Some random thoughts (in the form of questions) looking at these numbers:

    – Is there any question that Jeter is the MVP of this team?

    – Maybe there is some sense to starting Matsui in LF over Melky in the post-season?

    – Has the league caught on to Abreu?

    – Should Bernie not be on the bench in the post-season – and should Williams be the Yankees October DH?

    – Can Cano and Posada keep this up in the playoffs?

    – Where’s Johnny been the last month?

    Am I the only one (?) who thinks the answers here are:

    No. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. I hope so. And, I dunno.

    If not, do these answers bother you (outside of the Jeter one) as much as me?

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    1. RICH
      September 25th, 2006 | 4:43 pm

      If the numbers are for after the Boston series, when they had a 6 1/2 game lead, why does Jeter’s excellent numbers make him the Yankee’s MVP? You can make the argument for his entire year’s performance but why are the post-Boston numbers so significant?

    2. christopher
      September 25th, 2006 | 8:55 pm

      My answers are:

      *no, but we wouldn’t be anywhere without the August production from Abreu and Cano.
      *yes – I think many of us forgot what an offensive threat Matsui is
      *yes – but Abreu has adjusted as well. He’s become more of a run producer than the table setter he was in early August.
      *Bernie should absolutely get time at DH. He’s a better offensive contributor than Cabrera, Wilson, etc.
      *Cano yes – Posada maybe
      *Damon had a rough couple weeks, but he’ll be fine.

    3. Yu Hsing Chen
      September 25th, 2006 | 11:06 pm

      – yes but there were tons of heroes for this team this year.

      – yes … it wasn’t really a hughe question to begin with unless Melky somehow had an unbelivalbe September or Matsui really struggles.

      – Yes and no, he’s still doing fairly well. and the power strokes begining to return lately.

      – Depends on the situation with Giambi/Sheffield, if either of them are in doubt, then yes.

      – i hope so too… Cano was pretty big for us last year in the first couple games of the ALDS, i think he can be again.

      – Damon’s probably just banged up. Damon/Melky/Abreu have all been starting A LOT, you really need to give Damon and Abreu a few more days off now. I wan them to start only half the games of so from now till the plaoffs.

    4. September 25th, 2006 | 11:14 pm

      Rich – because he didn’t quit performing at his high level just because it appeared that the DIV chase was over.

      Note, that’s different from under-performing and then high-performing when the chase was over.

    5. JeremyM
      September 25th, 2006 | 11:18 pm

      The Banter is saying Johnson has been hiding a back injury and will miss his next start but will be available for the post-season. Ugh.

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