• Will Larry & Theo Be Watching The NL Playoffs?

    Posted by on September 26th, 2006 · Comments (5)

    If the Dodgers win the N.L. Wildcard this year, and somehow L.A. and the Mets go on to play in the NLCS, and the Yankees win the A.L., how much fun will it be for Boston Red Sox fans to watch Nomar Garciaparra, Derek Lowe, and Grady Little battle Pedro Martinez for the rights to face the Yankees in the World Series?

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    1. MJ
      September 26th, 2006 | 3:51 pm

      From what I can tell, Boston has already forgotten it was ever baseball season up there. I assume TV ratings will be down for the playoffs throughout the so-called RSN.

      What I want to know is if the Yanks are going to take this crap lying down. I say be careful what you wish for, Torii. I hope Damon, Jeter, and company read this and put the Twins back in their place (courtesy of Yahoo! Sports):

      “I want to play the Yankees,” said Hunter, who wants to even the score of playoff losses to New York in 2003 and 2004. “I want to take those guys out. For two years in a row they’ve been eating our butts up, and now I want to do the biting.”

    2. September 26th, 2006 | 4:01 pm

      Didn’t Hunter talk trash back in 2004 too?

    3. MJ
      September 26th, 2006 | 4:14 pm

      Honestly, I don’t rememeber. I view him as so insignificant a player that I probably expunged any such memories in favor of more important info…like whether or not to tie my shoes or to take out the trash.

    4. antone
      September 27th, 2006 | 8:35 am

      Yeah, last time he said he wanted to play the Yankees too…I wouldn’t call him insignificant, he’s actually having one of his better seasons at the plate….plus I think he has the right idea because if you win, don’t you want to beat the best competition? When I played baseball, I never wanted the best team to lose so we wouldn’t have to play them because you always felt in your heart that your team was the best and to prove that then you wanted to beat the best team out there…so I think it’s the same concept

    5. Don
      September 27th, 2006 | 2:29 pm

      Honestly, who cares about the Bosox? We play ’em like a fiddle, so it is always odd to me why some Yankee fans obsess over insignificance.

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