• Flash Gordon: J-Roll Better Than Jeter

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    From the Post

    Former Yankee Tom Gordon claimed Wednesday that present teammate and Philadelphia star Jimmy Rollins is a better player than Derek Jeter. And while the Bombers were tactful – a sign of respect for Rollins – they counter that Jeter’s World Series wins end any comparison between the two.

    “They’re both great players, but Jeter has the rings. That’s the end of the conversation,” said third base coach Larry Bowa, who managed Rollins in Philadelphia. “That doesn’t mean he’s better, but Jeter’s been there and done it. Jimmy Rollins is still trying to get there.”

    For his part, Jeter said he doesn’t compare players, and hadn’t seen much of the NL star.

    “I don’t see him; he’s in the other league,” Jeter said. “He’s having a great year, [but] I don’t really try to gauge one player against another. You have respect for everybody, but I don’t say ‘This guy is better than that guy.’ ”

    Gordon – a Yankee in 2004 and last season – had no problem doing that.

    “I think J’s better than Jete,” Gordon said. “Every time the team needed something done, Jete did it. I see the same thing from J-Roll. Like with Jeter, the game just comes to him naturally.”

    Hmmmm….once in his career, yes, once, Rollins had a season where he had 10+ RCAA. Jeter, on the other hand, has eight seasons to his credit where he’s had 20+ RCAA.

    With the glove, yes, J-Roll is head and shoulders above Jeter. There’s no question there.

    But, in terms of hitters, Jimmy Rollins is to Derek Jeter as Jason Kendall is to Jim Edmonds. Add “idiot” next to “choker” from now on, when discussing Tom Gordon.

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    1. Raf
      September 29th, 2006 | 9:54 am

      Heh… NY Post. Anyway, as been stated before the comparision isn’t even close.

      Interesting comments from Bowa. If having more rings doesn’t mean Jeter’s better than Rollins (they don’t), why even bring it up?

      J-Roll. Who comes up with these nicknames?

      And we’ve been through the “choker” discussion WRT Flash, I won’t rehash it here.

      Having said that, Gordon should really know better.

      Memo to ARod: That’s how you handle the media. Potential tempest in a teapot squashed.

    2. #15
      September 29th, 2006 | 12:14 pm

      Bad form by Flash, but you have to understand that this is, indirectly, the highest form of praise for DJ. “Hey, my teammates got my back…he’s said “I”M BETTER THAN JETER!!!!! Flash didn’t say J(elly)-Roll is better than Reyes (a division rival having a great year), because no one would care. Cap’s the standard against which others are judged. He’s the guy that other teams show films of to their minor league squads. He’s the heart. He’s the soul. He’s the guy they all want their players to become. As the old saying goes…Woman want to be with him, men want to be him.

      With respect to the rings not being a standard of comparison, that’s a fair point, but Sheff also talked about doing in at the highest level for a long time. As an example, every year we hear that such and such a closer is the “best in the baseball”. A few years ago it was K-Rod. Last year it was Lidge. This year it was Private Pyle Papelbon…They come, they flame out, burn up the arm, or return to just average or slightly above average, and Mo just keeps ringing up save after save, year after year, shattered bat after shattered bat. Give Trevor Hoffman his due, he deserves praise as well for longevity, but he doesn’t have the post season gold star on his resume, against the best competition in clutch siuations. Come talk to me about Reyes and J-Roll in 2012. Then we’ll see how they stack up to DJ. Until then, it’s just noise.

    3. bloodyank78
      September 29th, 2006 | 11:01 pm

      LOL!! (Your last sentence Steve) If you or the family are ever in O.C. when the Halos and Yanks are playing, or if you’re out here for business and want to watch some AL team battle the Halos; give me an email, I have multiple contacts to get the tix, then you and I can watch some baseball. As much as your Arod negativity drives me nuts sometimes, you’re fantastic and your blog is tip top. Good job Paisan!!!
      Dad’s an Irishman from New Rochelle, Mom’s an Italian from Queens if anyone’s wondering why I called Steve “Paisan” with an Irish last name.=P

    4. Raf
      September 30th, 2006 | 10:07 am


      New Rochelle, eh? Spent many a lost evening wandering up and down North Ave. And being from Mt. Vernon, they were our biggest rivals >:(


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