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    A couple of days ago, I made the following post-season prediction for the Yankees:

    If the Yankees win the ALDS, I can see them going back to the World Series and then winning a ring in six games. This said, the ALDS will be one small step for the Yankees this October, but, one giant leap for their overall chances.

    After, that, I was curious as to what other Yankees Bloggers thought. So, I asked. Here’s what they had to say:

    From Alex Belth of Bronx Banter:

    I think if the Yanks make it past the first round they’ll go to the World Serious. I wouldn’t be shocked if they lost in the first round to either the Tigers or the Twins. Disappointed, yes; surprised, no. But if they get past that, I like their chances to get to the Serious and even win it all. It’s been a fun season and this is as likable a Yankee team as there has been in recent years. So long as there is no Subway Series, it’ll be fun. Mets-Yanks is just too tense for me to stomach.

    From Patrick O’Keefe of YanksBlog.com:

    I see no reason for us not to win the World Series, so I’ll pick us to win it, naturally. As a team, we’re good enough to go up against anyone. We have as much talent and more experience than everyone else, as far as I am concerned. If everyone is with us, the potential of our offense is astounding. Defensively, I think we’re fine. Granted, I’m not sure what to expect of Sheff at first, but I know what to expect of the rest and I’m comfortable with it. I think we’ve got the bullpen, as well. Will they perform? Who knows. Same for everyone. But, they are capable, like anyone else. Starting pitching is the one area I’m a bit concerned about. I’m fine with Wang and Mussina, but Randy and whoever goes 4th are why they made Rolaids. Still, all things considered, I’ll take our guys against their guys.

    From Peter Abraham of The Journal News LoHud Yankees Blog:

    I think the Yankees will win the Series in a walk whoever they play from the NL after nearly losing the ALCS. I’m worried about the starting pitching. But their bullpen is strong and the lineup is a monster. They could average six runs a game in the postseason. It’s an impossible bunch to pitch to and they can steal bases.

    From Phil Donohue of InsideTheStadium.com:

    The Yankees are the closest thing there is to a sure bet for winning the World Series. Their pitching (starting and bullpen) are solid and their offense is out of this world. Additionally, the Yanks are playing with a swagger we haven’t seen in years. Joe Torre has had a chance to rest some key guys who will now face opponents with no more than one dominating starter.

    From Jim Baumbach of On The Yankees Beat:

    Lose in ALCS to Athletics. Why? First reason, I picked the A’s in spring training to win the World Series, so I should stay true to that. Secondly, the Yankees’ pitching staff is a question mark. You don’t know what you’re going to get from Randy, and I wonder how Farnsworth and even Proctor will respond to a big spot. The Yankees obviously have a strong enough offense to overcome potential pitching problems, but still, in the end, I see their pitching being their downfall.

    From Joe Pawlikowski of The Sporting Brews:

    I’ve been saying for a few days now that they’ll win it all–and I haven’t made that prediction since the disappointment that was 2002.

    The logic is simple: there are no dominant pitching staffs this season. The White Sox had one last year, and that’s why they were able to shut down the offense-heavy Red Sox. This year, however, there is no such staff. One could argue a case for the Tigers, but their staff is flawed as well. Justin Verlander is a rookie and already in uncharted innings pitched territory. Kenny Rogers is Kenny Rogers, which means he folds at even the slightest hint of pressure. Nate Robertson is largely unproven. That leaves Jeremy Bonderman, whose near 4.00 ERA doesn’t really put him at a dominating level.

    There is but one pitcher who can shut down the Yanks: Johan Santana. And who’s going to pitch behind him? In order for the Twins to beat the Yanks in the ALDS, Santana has to spin two absolute gems, AND an unproven entity–Bonser, Baker, Garza or Silva–will have to shut down a lineup of unrivaled supremacy. That seems a longshot to me. Then you get to the ALCS, where the Yankees immediately benefit from a longer series. Oakland could be a threat here, but their offense isn’t powerful enough and their pitching staff doesn’t come close to that of the 2005 White Sox.

    Then you get to the World Series. We all had a good laugh at the expense of the National League this year, and the World Series shouldn’t be any different, Mets or not. No team has anything resembling a good pitching staff, and the Yankees will simply pummell any NL team into the ground, once again, including the Mets. Even if Pedro is full strength, the Mets aren’t strong at all behind him. And, as with Santana, he’ll have to be perfect for the Mets to even have a shot.

    From Brent Nycz of The Stat Boy of the Empire: B(rent):

    It’s hard to say. Last year, I had an incredible feeling that the Yankees wouldn’t do well, due to their line-up structure and my assumption that Small and Chacon will fail eventually.

    However, this year, that gut feeling has turned the opposite. I do predict and hope for big performances out of Wang and Mussina. Mo will be Mo. Proctor’s arm will still be attached. Bruney will be fire-balling as usual.

    But, most importantly, I believe that the Yankees’ bats will show up this year. This line-up can be either one of the most powerful lineups ever to win the World Series or the most powerful lineup ever to lose in the ALDS or ALCS. I hope and believe the former will happen rather than the latter. Yankees in 6 against the Mets.

    From “SG” of the Replacement Level Yankees Weblog:

    My heart says they should win the World Series, but my head says they’re going to get picked off by someone, probably Minnesota. I am very concerned about the starting pitching. Wang’s been great, but he’s hittable and relies on his defense, which is not a good thing when your defense is that of the Yankees. Moose has really tailed off after a strong start, and Johnson’s fighting being 43, a bad back and the loss of a lot of his stuff. Wright and Lidle are a crap shoot. They may be able to power their way past this for a round or two, but to do it for three rounds seems just about impossible.

    That being said, I think if they can get past Minnesota they can win it all. No other matchup scares me all that much.

    From Benjamin Kabak of Off The Facade:

    If the Yankees make it past the ALDS round, then I believe they will win the World Series. Right now, it’s clear that this Yankees team is relying heavily on its offense. But which version will show up? The one-hit version or the 16-run version? We never know. In the five game series, the focus shifts from offense to pitching by a long shot. Just look at last year. The Yankees were simply outpitched by the Angels. When you’re facing Johan Santana twice in five games, you really need your own pitchers to step up because the games could very well end up 3-2 or 4-3.

    If the Yanks can make it to a best-of-seven scenario, I think the offense can take over. The Twins are weak in the back end of their rotation. The Tigers are 36-35 since the All Star break which is hardly a threat. And I think the Yanks can overcome the A’s pitching. Once they reach the World Series against the Pedro-less Mets or one of the other AAAA teams, I don’t anticipate much of a problem. Of course, we’re relying on Randy’s back and Mariano’s and Kyle’s health. But I like our chances this year more than I have in previous seasons.

    From Nick Smith of Baseball’s Savior:

    The Yankees will win their first World Series since 2000. Armed with the best and deepest lineup in the league, the Yankees will roll through whoever they play despite some spotty pitching. It’ll be a subway series with the Yankees going up against the Mets, which the Yankees will win in six games. Alex Rodriguez will get the New York monkey off his bat and win the World Series MVP, leading the way for the Yankees throughout the post season.

    There seems to be (for the most part) somewhat of a common thread here: Some concern on the Yankees starting pitching and getting past the ALDS (and the Twins). But, very little concern about losing the World Series, should the Yankees get that far.

    Since so many Yankees Bloggers can’t be wrong (wink, wink), Yankees fans should listen to what’s being said here: Beware the ALDS/Twins and just hope that the Yanks can make it to the Fall Classic. If they can, all should be fine.

    Thanks to all my fellow Yankees Bloggers for taking the time to share some thoughts on this topic. Your kindness is very much appreciated.

    Comments on Yankees Bloggers Pre-Playoffs Predictions

    1. Jen
      September 29th, 2006 | 12:32 pm

      Damn, I just sent you mine. Serves me right for getting up late today.

    2. September 29th, 2006 | 1:03 pm

      Jen – feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks!

    3. Jen
      September 29th, 2006 | 1:27 pm

      ok. Here’s what I wrote.


      OK, these are my predictions based on nothing but my gut feelings. So I guess they are more like wishes:-)

      I’m pretty optimistic going into the past-season this year. If they can get through the first round, I like their chances of going all the way. The short series is the only thing that concerns me, no matter who they play. I know the starting pitching is a bit suspect, but for some reason I think the bull pen will step up if a starter or 2 falters. Same thing for the offense. I don’t expect the all-star lineup to be running on all cylinders every game, like they were on Wednesday (just look at what happened last night). But I think different groups of guys will carry them at certain points. This isn’t the same team from last year. They seem to have more life to them.

      Individual predictions:
      Offense: I can see Cano, Damon, and Posada coming up big throughout the playoffs. Sheff is still going to struggle a bit, but will have at least 1 key hit. Jeter will be consistent throughout, as will Abreu, but no big clutchy moments this year. And I think A-Rod will get the playoff monkey off his back this year and do something special.

      Wang will anchor the staff and go back to his Worm Killing ways. Moose will falter a bit, but be saved by the pen on at least 1 occasion. Johnson will have quality starts, but not really performances he will be happy about. The offense will bail him out though. Wright is my sleeper pick to come up big. He’s going to save their ass in the first round. He’ll still only go 6+ innings, but he’ll put them in a position to win games. In the pen, Mo will be Mo. A little rusty will all of the rest, but he’ll do the job. I can see some 2 inning saves for him. The rest of the pen is a crapshoot. I can see them blowing a couple games. But in the end they will do enough to win.

    4. RICH
      September 29th, 2006 | 3:27 pm

      These guys/gals are really going out on a limb with the “if’s” 🙂

      Why don’t people just predict “If the Yankees advance past the World Series I’m confident they’ll be World Champions”?

      Not a blogger.

    5. MJ
      September 29th, 2006 | 3:36 pm

      I’m not a Yankee Blogger but I’m a Was Watching commenter so I think that qualifies me to weigh in with my predictions:

      -Yanks will advance in the ALDS 3-2 over the Twins;
      -Yanks will advance in the ALCS 4-2 over the A’s; and
      -Yanks will win the World Series 4-3 over the Dodgers

      And if the Yanks do win the World Series, I want Cashman to get on the phone with Chris Russo and request his presence at the parade. I want Russo to dance for us:


    6. September 29th, 2006 | 4:35 pm

      Jeteupthemiddle from Almost Perfect predicts that the Yankees will win the World Series.

      It is probably bad karma to pick any team over another to play, but I am tired of the Angels and Twins in the ALDS. Since the Angels are out, I would very much like to eliminate the Twins and face the Tigers in the first round.

      I cannot fathom a situation in which the Yankees are eliminated by the Tigers. Should the Yankees play against the Twins in the first round, I do not believe that their pitching depth is good enough to make its way past the Yankee Mash Unit.

      I also readily admit that I have extreme Yankee bias here, and am a homer at heart.

      /end unsolicited prediction 😀

    7. Raf
      September 29th, 2006 | 8:32 pm


      Johnson’s postseason status uncertain
      MRI exam reveals herniated disc in left-hander’s lower back


    8. Yu Hsing Chen
      September 30th, 2006 | 4:57 am

      I’m sorta a Yankee blogger 😉 though my blog is in Chinese. http://yankeewave.blogspot.com

      Anyway, my view.

      I agree also that we either win the whole thing or lose in the ALDS, the ALDS’s unpredictability is just too great. but in retrospect. this year’s team is just so much better than last year’s, Moose and Wang are both better than last year, RJ punted last year’s start anyway and Wright could probably do better than that, I’m not confident in Lidle, but were you really that confident in Chacon? espically consider the 4th MIN starter is probably Carlos Silva… the bullpen and lineup are both obviously vastly superior than last year.

      while the Twins is around the same as last year’s Angel at best IMHO. and more importantly, last year’s Angel had homefield, and their the Angels.
      The Twins will need Santana beating Wang at YS twice, AND have someone else comming up big, do you REALLY see Boof Bonser, the current Brad Radke or Carlos Silva beating the Yanks?

      With our lineup and bullpen, I can’t see how we lose in a 7 game series no matter who we face.

      If there is ONE guy who’s performance the Yanks #27 will hang on, it will be Chien Ming Wang though.

    9. September 30th, 2006 | 9:26 am

      Thanks for asking me.

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