• Torre To Manage Yanks A-Ball Team

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    Nah, it’s not what you think –

    from OurSportsCentral

    CHARLESTON, SC – The New York Yankees have named Torre Tyson, who spent the past two seasons as hitting coach of their Class A affiliate in Charleston, as the new RiverDogs’ manager.

    “Starting with Torre Tyson we think that the Charleston RiverDogs will have an exceptional on-field staff of quality coaches and teachers,” said Mark Newman, the Yankees’ Senior Vice President for Baseball Operations. “They will have a lot of support from guys like Pat Roessler (Director of Player Development), who is quite familiar with the RiverDogs, and our minor league coordinators.”

    Roessler pulled double-duty last year as he also served as the RiverDogs’ interim manger upon the mid-season resignation of second-year manager Bill Mosiello, who left to become an assistant coach at the University of Southern California.

    Tyson, who at 31 makes his managing debut, spent three years as a player in the Red Sox organization before joining the Yankees, where he played for three seasons, reaching the AA level. After his playing career, he spent time with the Yankees’ squad at short-season Class A Staten Island before serving as the RiverDogs’ hitting coach for the past two seasons.

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    1. MJ
      December 15th, 2006 | 11:40 am

      I wonder if that means that DownFromNJ will have to start a “Fire Torre Tyson” Blog on the side?

    2. Chewbacca
      December 15th, 2006 | 3:58 pm

      The Red Sox just got Brendan Donnelly for Phil Seibel. We have been trying for years to find a good middle reliever to bridge the gap between our starters and Mo. Every time we asked, the demand was Wang, Cano, or Hughes. But, they just got an outstanding middle reliever for a plain and simple loser. Then again, I’m surpised they didnt just give up Lenny Dinardo.

      It’s amazing what they can do when Gammons is so far up their ass, his tongue has literally turned brown. Because of his continuous Red Sox farm system ass-sucking, they just gave up NOBODY for an integral part of what is already a championship type ballclub.

    3. JohnnyC
      December 15th, 2006 | 4:50 pm

      Calm down, Donnelly’s not the pitcher he was 2-3 years ago. Especially since they’re testing for all sorts of interdicted substances. At this point, and at 33, Donnelly’s not much better than Mike Timlin.

    4. Chewbacca
      December 15th, 2006 | 5:35 pm

      Mike Timlin’s like 40. Donnelly was 6-0 last year with a 3.54 ERA, I think, and a 3.20 (or something in that range) after the all-star break last year. Maybe you are right, but they gave up NOTHING to get him.

      And now, they just got a LOOGY with a 202 BAA Lefties. I wonder why no other team in baseball went after Romero. There are 30 teams in baseball. I might understand us not going after him, having Mike Myers. But 28 other teams apparently showed zero interest. What a joke.

    5. DonnieDosTresBaseball
      December 15th, 2006 | 6:25 pm

      It should be Joe Torre heading that team. Actually, Joe Torre shouldnt even be able to manage a Pee-Wee league team. BWAHAHAHAHA

    6. Chewbacca
      December 15th, 2006 | 7:01 pm

      When asked what player he would like to meet?
      MATSUZAKA: The player I’d like to meet is Curt Schilling.

      I guess D-Mat has his eye on the “brown-tongue” himself. Now, they can both have a Japanese ass-sucking contest. *slurp slurp slurp*

    7. Raf
      December 16th, 2006 | 9:54 am

      We have been trying for years to find a good middle reliever to bridge the gap between our starters and Mo.
      You’ve had these “bridges” for years.

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