• Straw: Jeter Must Embrace A-Rod

    Posted by on December 19th, 2006 · Comments (17)

    From the AP:

    Darryl Strawberry thinks the Yankees’ clubhouse is beset by bad chemistry that can be cured only one way: Derek Jeter needs to “embrace” Alex Rodriguez.

    “They’ve got to come together,” Strawberry said Tuesday. “It’s time for them to mend their relationship and get back to, like, OK, let’s have some fun. We’re here in New York together. We’re on the greatest team that we possibly could play on. Let’s try to win instead of going separate ways. Because I remember them when they were young and they went to dinner together and they did everything together.”

    His remarks about the Yankees’ chemistry were sparked by questions regarding the return of Andy Pettitte, who played with Strawberry on three of the Yankees’ World Series championship teams. Pettitte was in New York for a physical Tuesday, and his contract could be finalized Wednesday.

    “Hopefully, it will rub off on the team, guys will get more supportive of each other,” Strawberry said. “I think the Yankees’ problem is that they just don’t support each other enough. I mean, back when I played in those years we were winning, we all supported each other, we all cared for each other. I think they need to get back to that, because the talent is there, but everybody seems like they’re going their separate ways.”

    Strawberry said for Rodriguez to gain acceptance in the Yankees’ clubhouse, Jeter must take the lead.

    “I hope Jeter would embrace him this year, in spring training, and bring him into the full circle as a part of the Yankee family,” Strawberry said. “If Jeter does it, I think everybody else will respond. I hope that works out for him, because once upon a time, they were best of friends and some things happened, which is life. And hopefully they will put those things behind them and hopefully they can come together.”

    Strawberry said the pair must take it upon themselves to right the Yankees, who despite nine straight AL East titles have not won the World Series since 2000.

    “Both of them are leaders and they need to come together as leaders and bring that Yankee team back up to par, because the last few years they’ve been nowhere in sight,” Strawberry said. “It’s not about just getting in the first round. When you have talent like that, it’s about winning.”

    I was just about to say “Where was Strawberry when A-Rod won the MVP, in New York, during 2005 – without Jeter’s embrace?” Then, I remembered, on September 17, 2005, Strawberry had reported that his SUV was stolen from a Florida gas station. However, the station’s surveillance video nailed Strawberry leaving as a passenger in another vehicle.

    The cops later were informed that Strawberry had earlier left his SUV behind a sports bar and gave the keys to a some woman.

    For that, Straw was charged with filing a false police report.

    I’m guessing that Darryl was so busy dealing with that whole thing that he must have missed it when A-Rod was busy, without the embrace of Jeter, putting the finishing touches on his MVP season for the Yankees.

    Comments on Straw: Jeter Must Embrace A-Rod

    1. Raf
      December 19th, 2006 | 10:34 pm

      Must’ve been busy not noticing that without Jeter’s embrace that ARod has another pretty good season.

      Remember how I said a while back that the media tends to find a talking point and beat it into the ground? This is another example of that.

    2. Chewbacca
      December 20th, 2006 | 12:42 am

      If you didn’t notice Raf, ARod had another pretty good season, but ARod did not have an ARod season.

      I agree that the media has beaten this to death, but you have to give them props for trying to make Jeter look like a fool. Jeter is untouchable, and the media is doing whatever they can to tarnish his image. However, IMHO, I’ve heard that once you cross Jeter, there’s no turning back, and if that’s the case with Jeter, then he most certainly is a fool, because he would rather stick to his guns against the poor guy (ARod) than embrace him to help win a World Series.

    3. #15
      December 20th, 2006 | 5:59 am

      It’s nuts (remember, Darryl is the one speaking) to pin A-Rods lack of clutch hitting and jimmi-glove on anyone other than A-Rod. Did Jeter get credit for A-Rod’s MVP season? What happened between the 2005 regular season and the 2005 play-offs? Did DJ stop supporting him for just that one week? A-Rod had an off year in 2006 (but still very decent compared to the league average for his position). It happens. Moreover, it showed everyone, including the competition, that it’s not too hard to get inside A-Rod’s head and get him to start gripping. He, and only he, must find a way to reboot himself after a bad play, AB, series, week, or month. It’s on his shoulders, and only his shoulders, to pick himself up and regain his form. The smart money says he will.

    4. Paul
      December 20th, 2006 | 8:08 am

      The only way to terminate this endless ARod circus is to trade him, cut him, cancel his contract for being too annoying, just get him out of New York.

      Or send him to the Mets. Or the Angels. Or the Red Sox. It will be sure to scuttle any chance any of those teams have of ever winning a playoff series.

      The ARod experiment in NY has failed. Sure, he got his MVP, all he really wants is self-aggrandizement that will give him cover when he fails in the limelight.

      Enough alrady.

      Send him away!

    5. Raf
      December 20th, 2006 | 9:57 am

      I agree that the media has beaten this to death, but you have to give them props for trying to make Jeter look like a fool.
      I’ll give them props when they do decent reporting. Trying to make Jeter look like a fool is dumb, and is pointless.

      People actually believe this crap?

    6. baileywalk
      December 20th, 2006 | 10:18 am

      Trading Soirano (and a prospect who turned out to be pretty good) to the Rangers for A-Rod was a no-brainer. But, good God, I wish they never did it. Even if history were to play out the same way — with the historic collapse of ’04 and two straight first-round exits — I still wish it never happened. I just hate having a drama queen like A-Rod on the team. I’m so sick of these stories. About A-Rod’s feelings and A-Rod’s therapy sessions and A-Rod’s relationship with Jeter and Giambi and Torre and the friggin’ hot dog vendor. And about how Jeter has to support A-Rod. And how Jeter isn’t a good enough teammate and he hasn’t included A-Rod in the Yankee “family.”

      As soon as A-Rod joined the team, everything has become about him — in a negative way.

      The Yankees have done nothing but lose since he got here (no, I’m not blaming him), and they’ve become some sort of bad reality show.

      I’m just so sick of it. I wish the Yankees could just go back to being a baseball team again.

      Losing was tough before, but this utter nonsense makes it so tiring.

      When I hear stuff like this, I really wish they would cut ties with A-Rod.

    7. Chewbacca
      December 20th, 2006 | 11:39 am

      I’ll give them props when they do decent reporting. Trying to make Jeter look like a fool is dumb, and is pointless.———

      I was being sarcastic. None of the media will ever do any decent reporting. Their whole goal is to make us look like losers. And they do a good job, as many New Yorkers and New Jerseyites actually buy their papers. To be completely honest, the only decent coverage of the Yankees comes from the Boston media. Occasionally, and by that I mean once in a while, Bob Ryan or Michael Smith on ESPN will actually speak about the good of New York teams and not insult them. There’s also one writer for the Globe or Herald that once in a blue moon writes an unbiased piece on the Yankees.

    8. Raf
      December 20th, 2006 | 2:12 pm

      Their whole goal is to make us look like losers. And they do a good job, as many New Yorkers and New Jerseyites actually buy their papers.
      Incorrect. They’re the ones pushing the idea of “msytique” and “aura,” among other things

    9. #15
      December 20th, 2006 | 3:12 pm

      I’ve commented on this before, and swear an oath to never do it again, but…. Everything you need to know about A-Rod’s problems can be seen in the foreground of that great picture of Jeter diving into the seats after chasing down that pop-up down the left field line against Boston. He’s instinctively cringing in shear disbelief that Jeter would do that. Don’t blame Jeter for having incredible determination. A-Rod lacks that level of grit and drive. Is there anyone in the Was Watching World (WWW) that thinks A-Rod goes at that ball with the same abandon? Just won’t happen. To be fair, very, very few MLB players have ever had Jeter’s motor and inner confidence; it is part of what makes DJ the special man/player that he is. We are damn lucky to have him on the Yankees and we’ll be telling our grandkids about him. It’s a harsh standard to be compared against and A-Rod has wilted some just by standing next to Jeter. Scott Brosius didn’t wilt because he didn’t have people telling him he was the greatest player in the history of the game. On the other hand, Jeter will never have A-Rods power numbers. They ought to complement each other very well, but it’s A-Rod that has to work it through, not Jeter. But, even if he doesn’t get his head around it, if he can average what he’s done so far as a Yankee, we are much better off with him than without him. All Yankee players and coaches ought to put SI (and most other reporters for that matter) on their “clichés only” list. The players that don’t, have ego issues.

    10. Raf
      December 20th, 2006 | 5:02 pm

      Don’t blame Jeter for having incredible determination.
      Yeah, blame him for misjudging his location 🙂

      Seriously, he isn’t the first player to dive into the stands (David Wright made a similar catch that didn’t receive nearly the same amount of airplay), like Rodney McCray wasn’t the first player to take on an OF wall.

    11. #15
      December 20th, 2006 | 5:02 pm

      One last point….The next time Jeter gets plunked up and in by a pitcher at Fenway (seems to happen 3 or 4 times a year), A-Rod should lead the charge out of the dugout. Don’t yell at the mound from the dugout, don’t stare at the guy, just run out and start swinging. Give a few, and take a few. Then, refuse to talk to the press about it (ever). Take his suspension in silence. Pay the fine and donate an equal amount to the Turn 2 Foundation. Problem solved.

    12. Paul
      December 20th, 2006 | 7:26 pm

      Is ARod gone yet?

    13. Chewbacca
      December 20th, 2006 | 8:17 pm

      Raf—Use your brain. They push mystique and aura to take away from the fact that we were just better than everyone else. The idea of mystique and aura is all designed as if to say that other teams succumb in Y.S. or when playing the Yankees in general due to the mystique and aura, when in fact, everyone knows that teams put forth their best effort in Y.S. and against the Yankees. By attributing Yankee victories to mystique and aura, they’re denying the Yankees the credit they deserve for beating the teams they beat. If there were such a thing as mystique and aura, it would be the mystique and aura of the opponents of the Yankees when they give their best performance, get the best luck, and get the umpire calls. So, if your point in bringing up the mystique and aura stories by the newspapers as a reason to say that they are trying to make us look good, then you are DEAD WRONG, and a LOSER to boot.

    14. singledd
      December 20th, 2006 | 8:28 pm

      I don’t know why people read so much into a simple statement, or seem to think that Straw’s sad personal behavior renders it impossible for him to offer a valid opinion.

      Jeter is extremely cool to ARod, and his past statements and behavior have demonstrated that he will NOT go out of his way to be any more supportive then is politically correct.

      Does Jeters non-support of ARod mean ARod can’t have a good year? No.
      Does Jeters non-support of ARod mean the Yankees can’t win it all? No.
      Does Jeters non-support of ARod mean that ARod shouldn’t take responsibility for his own behavior? No.
      Does Jeters non-support of ARod hasten the advance of global warming? No.
      Does Jeters non-support of ARod hurt our troops in Iraq? No.

      Here’s what Jeters non-support of ARod means.
      It means: He is not supporting ARod… a team member and an important cog in a winning machine.

      No more… no less.

      Whether you like/love/hate/have no opinion of ARod or whether you like/love/hate/have no opinion of Jeter, can you really disagree or find fault with the statement:

      “I hope that works out for him, because once upon a time, they were best of friends and some things happened, which is life. And hopefully they will put those things behind them and hopefully they can come together.”

      This seems like a nice, simple statement made out of care. Straw stuck his neck out to support ARod and ‘chide’ Jeter in a town where Jeter is God. I don’t think he would have said this if he didn’t believe it deeply.

    15. Raf
      December 20th, 2006 | 11:05 pm

      ah, why do I even bother… Whatever you say there, chewy.

    16. Raf
      December 20th, 2006 | 11:09 pm

      singledd: If anything, I have more issue with his followup comments. ARod vs. Jeter (for lack of a better term) isn’t the reason the Yanks haven’t won since 2000. It also isn’t the reason they’ve been bounced out the first round.

    17. Paul
      December 21st, 2006 | 10:25 am

      What seems to amaze me is that fans seem to know, or more accurately claim to, or imagine they know, the personal relationship between Jeter and ARod.

      How is that possible?

      Most of the time they spend together is not public time. Even if you are a stalker you do not see their interactions.

      So how can anyone declare how it is they interact?

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