• A Very Bad Rating

    Posted by on January 22nd, 2007 · Comments (3)

    Jerry Nielsen pitched in 20 games for the Yankees in his career – all of them coming in 1992. The Yankees lost 18 of those 20 games.

    Think that’s bad? Dale Murray pitched in 62 games for the Yankees – and the Yankees lost 50 of those 62 games.

    Or, what about Gary Jones? He pitched in 14 big league games during his career – all with the Yankees (from 1970-71)- and every game was a loss for New York. That’s Oh-‘fer Fourteen.

    That’s more than bad – it’s sad.

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    1. January 22nd, 2007 | 4:06 pm

      This is the problem that I have with this data. By saying that the Yankees were 2-18 in games in which Jerry Nielson pitched, you make it sound as though Nielson were responsible for 18 losses. While Nielson didn’t have very good numbers, you have to contextualize his appearances. For 20 games, he served as the mop-up man for the Yanks. At no point did he give up runs that resulted in a loss for him, and his worst outing came in the 9th inning of a game that was, at the time, 9-2 in favor of the Blue Jays.

      It’s a fallacy to say that Nielson contributed to those losses. His role was as a mop-up guy. That’s it.

    2. January 22nd, 2007 | 4:22 pm

      Good point Ben – I should have included that fact.

      My point was just to show that these players, for the most part, contributed nothing towards Yankees wins.

    3. January 22nd, 2007 | 6:34 pm

      Well, on that point, I won’t debate ya! It’s good though to see a manager recognize when to use a certain reliever. You don’t need to use Scott Proctor everyday…Hint, hint, Mr. Torre.

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