• Best Seasons By Yankees Third Basemen

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    Continuing with the WasWatching.com Yankees “ten best seasons” (ever) series, today we look at third basemen. Here is what I believe are the top ten seasons for Yankees third basemen, with stats via the Complete Baseball Encyclopedia:

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    It should not be a shock to see Alex Rodriguez at the top of this list with his 2004, 2005, and 2006 seasons. Back in September of last season, I gave a clue as to where A-Rod’s 2006 season ranked in Yankees history.

    What this list does drive home for me is how few “big” offensive seasons there have been by Yankees third-sackers. Just check out the top ten careers by Yankees three-B’s:

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    There’s not a lot of fire power there in those sticks, huh?

    Here’s a little trivia for you: Who are the only two RH-batting 3B to ever post 80+ RCAA in a season? A-Rod in 2005 and Al Rosen in 1953. The two “A.R.” men are the only righties at the hot corner to do it.

    Getting back to that top ten season list, I have to wonder about this: If A-Rod opts out of his contract following 2007, and then Jeter moves to third and plays there for another seven years, Derek Jeter should then go down in history as both the best hitting SS and the best hitting 3B in Yankees history. How many guys can make that claim – to be the best with the stick for one team at two separate positions?

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