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    Over at The Immaculate Inning, mehmattski (with the help of some others) is running a very interesting study on how consistent a team is…as they put it:

    How often did the Yankees’ offense “do their job” and score at least five runs in a game? How often did the Yankees’ pitching “do their job” and limit the opposition to four or fewer runs?

    To answer the question, The Immaculate Inning is using a measure called Did Your Job Stat (DYJS).

    If I’m reading the chart there correctly, the Yankees were best in the majors in terms of “Did The Job Offense” – but they were 22nd in the major is terms of “Did The Job Defense.” I wonder how much of that was Randy Johnson?

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    1. January 30th, 2007 | 6:48 pm

      Thanks for the link, Steve!

      To put it in other terms, the Yankees scored at least 4 runs in 115 of their games last season. Of these, they won 87 (75.7%). On the other hand, the Yankees allowed 4 or fewer runs 76 times, and in these games the Yankees prevailed 67 times (85%). I’ve just posted some further analysis over there if anyone is interested. The short version of today’s conclusion is that a team’s ability to limit their opponent to fewer than five runs better explains a team’s win total than does the ability to score more than three runs.

      Check it out, I think it’s interesting stuff.

    2. January 30th, 2007 | 7:19 pm

      My pleasure on the link. It’s an interesting topic.

      I think it ties into Pythagorean Winning Percentage, in a way. The less runs you give up, the greater you move towards a winning percentage of 1.000 in the formula for Pythagorean Winning Percentage.

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