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    Posted by on February 18th, 2007 · Comments (2)

    With so much focus in the media today on Bernie Williams, and still seeing the notion from some that Williams has something to offer this current team and that he should report to the Yankees camp, I decided to take another look at Bernie’s season last year – in terms of his relative offensive production and age – to find some batters since 2000 who did what Williams did in 2006. Via the Complete Baseball Encyclopedia, I came up with the following list:


    It’s a short list – so, that lends towards taking a quick look at each player there with Williams.

    Omar Vizquel continued to be a regular player following his age 37 season. But, in the two years that followed, he was pretty much the hitter he was at age 37 – meaning not very impressive.

    Randy Velarde also played in (parts of) two seasons following his age 37 season. As a part-timer, he showed some value. However, one has to wonder how much of that was PED-assisted.

    J.T. Snow tried to play past his age 37 season – but, he was toast by that time (and he retired last year).

    If you throw out the enhanced Velarde, Snow and Vizquel probably paint the spectrum on what to expect from Williams (should he try and play this season). Either he’s done and will crash on an empty tank (like Snow) or he will hold up for another year albeit producing at a sub-par level (like Vizquel).

    Back in September of last year, when we started to hear about “The Boss” relinquishing control of the Yankees, I wrote that “Stein is an old tiger sensing his end.”

    Bernie Williams carried the Yankees offensively from 1996 through 2000. The four rings that came during that time were driven by Bernie as any other Yankee on those teams. Alas, 2000 was six years ago. And, for the last four seasons, Williams has been a poor offensive performer.

    It’s time for Bernie Williams to follow Big Stein’s lead and be a tiger sensing his end – and put all this recent “I need to feel loved to report” drama to bed.

    Williams was one of the best ever to put on the pinstripes. But, that was then and this is now.

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    1. Paul
      February 19th, 2007 | 3:21 pm

      Bernie has been a great Yankee even contributing more last year than expected.

      However, at this point in his career when it is a fact he cannot adquately play the outfield, cannot pinch hit, cannot steal bases, and can only hit effectively against LHP, there are too many contraints to having a one dimensional player take up a roster spot.

      Trusting that Bernie’s years of play will not leave him and his family destitute, and presuming a new career in music awaits him, it behooves him to end the theatrics and retire.

      Bernie is a proud man. He accomplished a lot and will always be remembered as a hero to Yankee fans. However trying to stretch his career another year does not add to his legacy and effectively harms the Yankees.

    2. #15
      February 19th, 2007 | 5:22 pm

      Don’t forget that Vizquel still brings a great glove to the game. If bernie had a plus arm, could steal bases (Vizquel stole 19, 24, and 24 in full time roles in the last three years), and could cover the gaps in the outfield, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I love the guy, but it’s over.

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