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    Via this PDF File of a New York Times feature:

    October 8th 1904 First game taken by Greater New Yorks
    January 12th 1915 Yanks transferred, Peckinpaugh signs
    January 6th 1920 Ruth bought by New York Americans
    June 14th 1921 Ruth’s record hit helps Yanks win
    April 19th 1923 Yanks open new stadium, Ruth hits home run
    April 19th 1923 Size of stadium impresses crowd
    September 28th 1923 Gehrig hits first home run, Yanks win 8-3
    October 16th 1923 Yanks grasp title
    May 17th 1927 Meusel steals 3 bases
    October 1st 1927 Ruth crashes 60th to set new record
    October 9th 1927 Yankees overjoyed over clean sweep
    June 13th 1928 Gehrig gets 14 total bases including 2 “homers”
    October 10th 1928 Yankee’s “homers” put Cardinals to rout
    May 5th 1929 3 “homers” by Gehrig, Yank’s win 11-9
    August 12th 1929 Ruth hits 500th “homer”
    March 9th 1930 Ruth accepts $160,000 for 2 years
    May 23rd 1930 3 “homers” each for Ruth and Gehrig
    September 29th 1930 Gehrig streak ends
    August 22nd 1931 Ruth drives 600th “homer”
    June 4th 1932 Gehrig ties record with 4 straight “homers”
    October 2nd 1932 Ruth’s famous called shot
    October 3rd 1932 Yankees rout Cubs 13-6
    July 14th 1934 Babe Ruth hits 700th home run
    September 25th 1934 Babe Ruth’s farewell appearance
    May 4th 1936 DiMaggio’s first game as a Yankee
    October 7th 1936 Yanks win Series routing Giants
    June 14th 1937 DiMaggio’s 5 consecutive “homers”
    October 11th 1937 New records set in 1937 classic
    June 1st 1938 Gehrig extends string to 2000
    October 10th 1938 Yankees dominate final Series battle
    January 14th 1939 Ruppert owner of Yankees dies
    May 3rd 1939 Gehrig voluntarily ends streak at 2,130 straight games
    July 5th 1939 Fans roar tribute to Gehrig
    October 9th 1939 Yanks fourth straight World Series
    June 3rd 1941 Gehrig, iron man of baseball dies
    June 26th 1941 DiMaggio nearing record
    July 18th 1941 DiMaggio’s record streak
    October 7th 1941 Yanks win Series
    October 12th 1943 Awesome start in World Series finale
    October 3rd 1947 Berra first pinch hit home run
    October 7th 1947 MacPhail retires as President of Yankees
    November 28th 1947 DiMaggio named M.V.P for the third time
    June 14th 1948 Babe Ruth day
    August 17th 1948 Babe Ruth dies
    August 19th 1948 77,000 file by Ruth’s Bier; Cardinal to preside at Mass
    August 20th 1948 75,000 stand in rain for Babe Ruth’s funeral
    October 13th 1948 Stengel signs as Yank’s Manager
    October 10th 1949 “Won like Champs” is Stengel praise
    June 21st 1950 DiMaggio 2000th hit
    October 8th 1950 Triumphant Yanks in sixth sweep
    October 27th 1950 Rizzuto wins most valuable player
    April 18th 1951 Mantle debut
    May 2nd 1951 Mantle, first “homer”
    October 11th 1951 Jubilant victors pay tribute to Baur
    December 12th 1951 DiMaggio retires
    October 8th 1952 Yanks take Series down Dodgers 4-2
    April 18th 1953 Mantle’s 565 foot home run
    October 6th 1953 Yankee’s World Series triumph
    May 19th 1956 Mantle hits homer from both sides of plate
    May 31st 1956 Mantle hit almost leaves stadium
    October 1st 1956 Mickey Mantle wins triple crown
    October 9th 1956 Larson pitches only perfect game in World Series history
    October 11th 1956 Yankees take Series
    October 10th 1958 Yankees win Braves offer no excuse
    September 27th 1961 Maris hits No 60
    October 2nd 1961 Marris hits 61st
    October 10th 1961 Houk calls Yanks best all round team
    June 25th 1962 Yanks win in 22 inning record 7 hour game
    October 17th 1962 Yanks triumph again
    November 8th 1963 Elston Howard wins M.V.P award
    May 15th 1967 Mantle’s 500th “homer”
    March 2nd 1969 Mantle retires
    June 9th 1969 Mantle’s day at stadium
    January 4th 1973 Steinbrenner buys Yankees
    January 17th 1974 Mantle and Ford elected into Hall of Fame
    April 7th 1974 Yanks win; Shea debut
    October 15th 1976 Yankees win world series
    November 30th 1976 Yanks buy Reggie Jackson
    October 19th 1977 Jackson’s 3 “homers” power Yanks to title
    June 18th 1978 Guidry record “strike outs”
    August 12th 1980 Yanks win; 400th for Jackson
    May 5th 1981 Davis strikes out 8 in row
    December 15th 1985 Death of Roger Maris
    October 3rd 1986 Mattingly sets record for hits
    July 19th 1987 Don Mattingly ties record
    September 30th 1987 Mattingly breaks slam mark; clouts 6th of season
    February 26th 1994 Rizzuto makes Hall of Fame
    August 14th 1995 Mickey Mantle dies
    June 17th 1996 Mel Allen dies
    October 27th 1996 A return to glory, Yankees win World Series
    May 18th 1998 David Wells pitches perfect game
    September 28th 1998 Yankee’s glittering regular season
    October 22nd 1998 Yanks sweep Series and ensure legacy
    March 9th 1999 Joe DiMaggio, Yankee Clipper, dies at 84
    July 19th 1999 Cone pitches perfect game
    October 28th 1999 Yankees sweep Braves for 25th title
    October 27th 2000 Yankee’s third straight World Series title
    October 23rd 2001 Yankee’s 4 in a row
    June 14th 2003 Roger Clemens wins 300th game
    October 17th 2003 Yanks win 39th title

    Here’s a question – if you could choose what dates to add to this list, post-Boone HR, what would you add?

    Have there been many highlight moments in the last three seasons? Not in the post-season, by many folks opinion, I would imagine. How about the regular season? Any no-hitters, perfect games, or records broken?

    Would you suggest Rivera’s 400th career save? I would agree with that.

    A-Rod won an MVP in 2005. I would include that one too. Would you include A-Rod’s 400th and 450th career homeruns? OK, be honest – does anyone even remember the details on these?

    How about A-Rod’s three-homer game from 2005? Should that be on the list? Gee, has anyone but A-Rod had many memorable moments for the Yankees in the last 3 years?

    Maybe it’s just early and I’m tired? But, why can’t I think of many milestone moments for the Yankees over the last three years? Have things been that insignificant in Yankeeland the last three seasons?

    Comments on Big Yankees Dates 1904-2003

    1. Raf
      February 24th, 2007 | 10:57 am

      Seeing as Mattingly’s MVP (and batting title, for that matter) wasn’t included, I don’t think I could include Rodriguez’s MVP. I would include Aaron Small’s 10-0 run a couple of years ago, but there isn’t any mention of Guidry’s 25-3 (only a mention of his strikeouts).

      There have been plenty of moments the past 3 years (that I can think of), just no milestone moments. If they keep it up, they can catch the Braves with regards to consecutive division title, and I’m sure the last game in YS and the 1st game in NYS will be milestone moments…

    2. RICH
      February 24th, 2007 | 11:52 am

      I know you’re looking for post-Boone moments but I thought the list should have included Dec 31, ’74 when Catfish signed.

    3. JeterReggieGuidry
      February 24th, 2007 | 1:59 pm

      “October 15th 1976 Yankees win world series”

      Gosh, I was really young back then but I’m pretty sure we lost that one…

      Of course, as a Yankee revisionist I’m okay with adding ’76 to our list of championships.

    4. February 24th, 2007 | 2:21 pm

      Shows you how high the bar is for the Yankees when clinching a division at Fenway on the second-to-last day of the season — as we did in 2005 — escapes people as a “significant moment.”

      The Boston Massacre Part II was one of the more fun moments, of course. As was A-Rod blasting a game-winner off Schilling a couple years back during Curt’s failed closer experiment.

      I would say the event that made the most headlines since 2003 was the signing of A-Rod in February 2004. And, obviously, they have not stopped since.

    5. rbj
      February 24th, 2007 | 4:17 pm

      Definitely Boston Massacre Part II — how often is there a five game sweep in the opponent’s park?

      You forgot the day the Yankees were renamed from Highlanders to Yankees (and the day they relocated from Baltimore)

    6. February 24th, 2007 | 4:24 pm

      What about Jeter’s 2,000 hit as a Yankee this past year on May 26th, becoming only the 8th Yankee in history to accomplish that milestone?

      I would also say two more Jeter moments:

      1. July 1, 2004, Dive into the Stands vs. the Red Sox.

      2. The Flip in Oakland during Game 4 of the 2001 post season series

      NOVEMBER 1, 2001

      One great Yankee moment that will always be my favorite however is Game 5 of the 2001 WS, Paul O’Neill’s last game at Yankee Stadium. Watching that game brought tears to my eyes it was so emotional.

      BTW, Thanks Steve for adding me to your blogroll. That was very kind of you.


      AN AL East Bias Weblog

    7. February 24th, 2007 | 6:41 pm

      “October 23rd 2001 Yankee’s 4 in a row”

      Didn’t the Yankees lose that WS? How is that 4 in a row? 4 WS appearances in a row, right?

    8. Jen
      February 24th, 2007 | 8:56 pm

      Larsen’s name is spelled wrong, btw.

    9. February 24th, 2007 | 10:12 pm

      Just for the record, I did not pick these days or edit the text – it was a direct copy and paste from the NYT source PDF.

    10. Jen
      February 24th, 2007 | 11:01 pm

      Oh, I’m not blaming you for the typo Steve. In fact I only pointed it out because it was done by the TImes.

    11. February 25th, 2007 | 12:13 am

      2 ideas: 1. August 18, 2006, Yankees @ Boston was the longest 9 inning game played in MLB history. (Yankees won by I think 14-11). Of course that game was part of the 2006 Boston Massacre. 2. On Mariano Rivera’s ‘career saves record,’ the 400 was actually his regular season saves. I realize that existing official language words it that way, but that must change as it’s grossly inaccurate. Career saves at that moment were 434. No one else is going to help a Yankee.

    12. Yu Hsing Chen
      February 25th, 2007 | 5:51 am

      I’m hopeing that in the future we would mark Cano Wang and Hughes’ debute as important moments in Yankee History!!

    13. February 25th, 2007 | 11:26 am

      I realize that you’re looking for post-Boone moments, but it’s hard for me to believe that the NY Times would completely miss the death of the dear ol’ captain as an exceptionally important date in Yankee history: August 2, 1979…

    14. February 25th, 2007 | 1:20 pm

      This is a pretty slipshod list…

      Where is the 1978 playoff against the Red Sox, or the tragic death of Thurman Munson?

      They got the dates on two perfect games wrong. Don Larsen’s was October 8, 1956, and David Cone’s July 18, 1999.

      And how come NOTHING since 2003?????

      The “A-Rod Era” doesn’t count?

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