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    Posted by on February 28th, 2007 · Comments (1)

    There’s a nice feature on Derek Jeter’s new sleep-over buddy in Newsday today. (Hat tip to BaseballThinkFactory.org)

    “There’s this great area in Berlin where I walked through thousands of people,” Jeter recalled wistfully this week at the Yankees’ spring training facility. “I don’t think anyone knew who I was.”

    Of course, it helped that Jeter’s traveling companion deflected a lot of attention by being one of the few athletes in this world more recognizable than Jeter.

    Several days after the Yankees lost to the Tigers in the first round of the playoffs, Michael Jordan called Jeter and told him what he needed to do was get out of New York — way out of New York. He invited Jeter to join him on a whirlwind European tour, visiting Paris, London, Milan, Berlin, Hamburg and Barcelona in six days.

    When I read this, all I can think about is:

    New York, London, Paris, Munich
    Everybody talk about pop musik
    Talk about, pop musik
    Talk about, pop musik

    If you’re wondering if A-Rod knew about Derek’s Eurotrip sleep-over pal, I’m guessing that “Alex doesn’t know.” Then again, there are worse things not to know:

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    1. Mike
      February 28th, 2007 | 11:18 am

      A highly underrated movie. A stupidity classic… and yes, that is Matt Damon as the lead singer.

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