• Cash: No More $ For A-Rod Now

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    Via Jon Heyman:

    Alex Rodriguez will attract interest from at least a handful of teams if he opts out of his $252 million contract at the end of the season, with the Angels perhaps first in line. But Yankees general manager Brian Cashman made clear in an interview on Tuesday that Rodriguez’s current team will not chase A-Rod and will not be part of any bidding war.

    “He has a significant contract as it is,” Cashman told SI.com. “So I don’t anticipate any dialogue regarding an extension.”

    In other words, Cashman is leaving the ball in A-Rod’s court. If Rodriguez wants to remain a Yankee and keep the $81 million and three years remaining on his contract, he can do that. But if he wants to forego that $81 million to seek even greater riches, that’s his choice, too. He just won’t be getting those extra riches in pinstripes — at least not this winter.

    Cashman likes Rodriguez enough that it’s believed he’d consider an extension at some point, but not an extension merely to prevent A-Rod from opting out of his current deal. “That’s smart,” one competing GM says. “This way all the pressure’s on A-Rod, and there’s no blood on [Cashman’s] hands.”

    Lookie, lookie! The Cash-Man draws it for Scottie Boras! Attaboy Bry!

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    1. #15
      March 21st, 2007 | 3:14 pm

      A wise man once wrote (and I believe Cashman must have read it)….

      The big question is… Will someone be willing to give him ~23MM/year for 8 years starting in ’08? Possible, but unlikely. If that type of deal isn’t out there, he’s probably not going anywhere. Here’s why… According to ESPN, A-Rod has 81MM coming his way over the next three years. That’s ~27MM per. Let’s say someone offers him 160MM for 8 years. Excluding ’07, he has to give up ~55MM over 2 years (08-09) to get it, so he ends up at ~17MM per for the next 6 after that. Not chump change, but less than he might otherwise get. Someone would have to offer him ~180MM over 8 years to cover the 55MM he’s got lined up in 08-09, then allow him to average out ~21MM per for the next 6. The list of teams that can or would pay him 180MM for 8 years is short. Boston? No way; not with that Dice-K contract, Drew’s deal, and Manny still owed 20MM in ’09; the Mets? Possible, but he’s still facing the NY press and loses the chance to DH down the line, so why bother; from the Mets point of view, they’ve got some pretty good infielders on the left side for a lot less. Dodgers, possible, but very unlikely given their history and the DH issue. Someone else? Tell me who.

      The other interesting thing about his contract is, again, according to ESPN… “It includes a clause giving Rodriguez the freedom to opt out after the 2007 season, and again in 2008 or 2009 if he’s not earning $1 million more than the second highest-paid position player in the game.” No way anyone will be within 1MM of his salary, so it’s leave after 07, punt the 55MM he has under contract (which the Rangers, above all, would love), and hope he can get 180MM or more for the next 8 years, — OR — stay put, play well, win some rings, and hit up the Yankees for 6 years at ~130 – 135MM after ’09. If he’s smart and has the guts to stay in NY, he’ll end all this discussion and seek that kind of deal extension with the Yankees sometime over the next year or two. Boras will council against it, always egotistic enough to think he can wangle more in the open market. However, A-Rod must know that the stigma of his original Boras created contract monster is, at least, 50% of his woes. On the Yankees side, 6 at ~ 130 -135MM after ’09 makes sense. Salaries will be creeping up by then, he’ll be young enough to still be a big contributor, and he’ll be chasing all kinds of big league records in the last few years of that contract. “Come watch A-Rod pass the Babe’s record”…. “Come watch A-Rod bring the all-time home run title back to Yankee Stadium and wipe that steroid stain from the baseball record books”… will sell and sell big. Also, look at it from A-Rod’s side. 55MM for 08 & 09, plus 130-135 for the 6 after that adds up to 185-190MM over the next 8 years. If he opts out of the current contract after ‘07, to come out ahead on the dollars, he’ll need to find someone willing to give him 8 years at 185-190MM (23-24MM per), just to break even

    2. March 21st, 2007 | 4:13 pm

      someone else? how about anaheim? they’re a definite possibility.

    3. b/c
      March 21st, 2007 | 5:31 pm

      Did you see the rumoured trades? Good for a laugh.

    4. rbj
      March 22nd, 2007 | 9:40 am

      Oh goody, replace A-Rod with Eric Duncan, yeah, now that’s a way to increase offense.

      Cashman is strictly taking a hard line this year, Posada has to play for a new deal, and even The Hammer of God isn’t getting a new deal until the end of the season (in late October, when everyone is celebrating #27). No extension for Alex is completely in line with this; kinda nice to see someone go toe to toe with Boras.

    5. #15
      March 22nd, 2007 | 12:30 pm

      Anaheim deserves to be on the list, but no one is handing out 8 year deals for 185-190MM. Boras is doing what he should do in terms of maximizing his players economic potential; Cash is doing what he should do, which is recognizing the 30MM the Rangers are paying A-Rod above his Yankee money, will make it very hard to justify walking away based on the dollars and cents. If A-Rod goes, it likely won’t be for the money.

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