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    Posted by on March 23rd, 2007 · Comments (4)

    I see there’s a lot of talk out there these days about Sean Henn’s chances to make the Yankees this season.

    Did you know that Henn holds the all-time record for the highest bonus ever paid to a “draft-and-follow” pick? The Yankees gave Henn $1.701 million in 2001 after drafting him in the 26th round of the 2000 draft.

    Henn was bad in Triple-A last year. And, his big league exposure to date has not been pretty. Maybe this is the year that the Yankees start to see some return on their investment? Personally, I don’t think he has the command that’s needed to come out of the pen in the majors – or, at least he’s yet to show it.

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    1. March 23rd, 2007 | 4:46 pm

      Too many arm injuries for a power pitcher. He’s not nearly the guy the Yanks signed way back when.

      I’d rather have Brad Halsey.

    2. themetssuck
      March 23rd, 2007 | 5:52 pm

      Steve, remember back when Proctor was awful… he sure has turned it around? To jog your memory, here’s what you wrote back on September 14th, 2005;
      Memo to Torre: Only use Scott (The Mouth Breather, seriously, doesn’t it seem like his mouth is always open?) Proctor when you’re up by 5 or more. Do not bring him into a close game.

      And then later that year on December 02, 2005… you were all for Henn but still no hope for the Proc..
      I would trade Proctor for a piss warm beer on a steamy hot August afternoon. So, he doesn’t bother me here.

      Henn, on the other hand, I’m on the fence about. Based on last season, I like him – and would want to see him in AAA for the full year in 2006 before letting him go. But, overall, I have to remind myself that he’s going to be 25 next April – and had bad elbow problems in 2002 and shoulder problems in 2003. So, basically, it’s only the last two years that he’s been able to take the hill. So, he may need another two full seasons at Triple-A to get his skills down – and then he’s 27.

      It can go either way on Henn, to be honest.

      My point is, you know what.. Proctor took longer than expected but he is an asset now out of the pen when used RIGHT.. who’s to say that Henn won’t be?

    3. March 23rd, 2007 | 6:00 pm

      Ron Villone 4 ever!! Woot. We luv u, Ron.


    4. March 23rd, 2007 | 11:36 pm

      ~~~Steve, remember back when Proctor was awful… he sure has turned it around?~~~

      Yeah, but, Proctor, prior to 2006, showed better control (in the majors) than Henn showed last year in Triple-A. It was not that much of a turnaround that was needed.

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