• The Answers To These Q’s Should Come In The Next 6 Months

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    With the official start of the Yankees 2007 season just around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to list some critical Yankees-success-related questions that could be answered at some point this season. Here they are:

    1. Which body part will break-down on Jason Giambi this season – causing him to be a non-factor with the bat for a month or more? A knee? A wrist? An internal gland? Something else?

    2. Which member of the bullpen will Torre use 35+ times before the All-Star break, frying the guy’s arm in the process?

    3. Will at least three members of the Yankees starting rotation make 30+ starts this season?

    4. Can Carl Pavano give the Yankees more than 140 IP this year?

    5. How will Yankees fans react if A-Rod starts to press and fail in key spots this season? How will Alex react to the fans?

    6. How many back-up catchers will the Yankees go through this season to find one who can bat over .200?

    7. What if Phil Hughes is notthe one“?

    8. Is it possible that Joe Torre does not manage the full season?

    9. Will Rico Bergman be a bust with the bat? Does Josh Phelps have anything to offer?

    10. How many times will the Yankees roster construction come back to haunt them? Which will happen more often: Miggy Cairo playing in the outfield or New York losing it’s D.H. spot in the line-up (to the pitcher) because the D.H. had to come into the game as a fielder?

    It will be interesting, come October, to look back at these questions and see if any of them became applicable. At this junction, I would offer that at least half of them do apply to the Yankees situation this season.

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    1. rbj
      March 23rd, 2007 | 2:49 pm

      1 Knee
      2 Proctor
      3 Yes (crosses fingers)
      4 Ha ha ha ha
      5 Ugh.
      6 4
      7 Not gonna think about it.
      8 Possible, highly doubtful
      9 Um, yes. Possibly
      10. 15

    2. baileywalk
      March 23rd, 2007 | 3:10 pm

      1. Elbow.
      2. Vizcaino (come to the Yankees with a “never turns the ball down” rep at your own peril).
      3. yes.
      4. doubtlessly.
      5. The fans will boo. A-Rod will put on a phony smile. And then leave joyfully at the end of the season — with the same phony smile on his face.
      6. The one they start with will be the one to last the entire year.
      7. Maybe he’s not “the one” — as in “the best pitcher in the history of the effin’ world” — and he’s just a good pitcher who will save the Yankees ten million dollars a year for about five years starting in ’07.
      8. no.
      9. Yes and yes.
      10. It will haunt them constantly. Minky and Cairo being on this team is ridiculous, and anyone who thinks their overrated defense makes up for their punchlessness is fooling themselves.

    3. March 23rd, 2007 | 4:15 pm

      1. Elbow
      2. Vizcaino
      3. No
      4. Yes
      5. They won’t boo at first but will if it keeps happening. A-Rod will act oblivious to it all and then run to Anaheim the second the season’s out.
      6. They will switch backups once but may not end up with one who hits .200.
      7. If he’s not “the one” the Yankees are going to have an awfully hard time making the playoffs. They need him to be Verlander/Jered Weaver.
      8. No
      9. Phelps has something to offer, namely power, but needs Mogwai Phillips to be sent out of town to show it and that’s hard for Torre to do. Minky can’t hit.
      10. The lack of flexibility will come back and bite them in the ass several times unless they decide they don’t need two first basemen.

    4. March 23rd, 2007 | 5:04 pm

      1. I actually think Giambi will have a rather healthy season.
      2. the frontrunner is Proctor, but Vizcaino is a favorite too.
      3. Yes, and I think Igawa will be one of them.
      4. He CAN, but…
      5. The usual. Booing. Backpages. And Arod will pretend it doesn’t bother him, then opt-out in November.
      6. Zero, but not for lack of trying. Pratt, Davis, Nieves & Chavez will all get shots with none hitting .200.
      7. you mean this year or for his career? This year it’s no big deal. The possibility of Clemens is still there, and the farm system is stacked with arms. In future years, it would very nice to have a early 20s, solid pitcher, but again, there are plenty of other young arms to supplement him,
      8. doubt it.
      9. I think Minky WILL hit eventually, even if its just .250. His eye will garner him a .300+ obp. Phelps is raking and HAS to make the team over AP at this point. If Phelps is hitting .200 at the break, then think about calling up AP.
      10. Fortunately, the only reason Cairo will see much PT is through injuries and pinch-running. He can play nearly every position competently and can steal bases = both valuable off the bench (he wont start bc of his weak bat). for 2008, our designated PR should be Gardner and UIF should be AGon (assuming one less 1b or RP).

    5. singledd
      March 23rd, 2007 | 5:08 pm

      1. As a DH, I say he stays relatively healthy until the ASB.
      2. NO ONE. I’m a dreamer, but we have a lot of young arms to run out there. I think Torre is aware of, and feels badly, for his Tanyon/Proctor behavior.
      3. No. If we all pray hard enough, maybe Andy will make it. Iggy should. Wang might. But I don’t think we will get 3.
      4. Yes. Of 4.8-5.0 ERA ball.
      5. Fans will be their shitty selves, and ARod’s head will explode trying to fugure out what to do. It will put him into a serious nose-dive.
      6. None. Cash will wait and make ONE move and bring in a .250 BA BUC
      7. from 70 miles away, I will hear thousands in Boston laughing, drinking and slapping each other on the back.
      8. No. There is so much talent here, how badly can he fuck it up. Plus Cashman is going to be an angel in his ear.
      9. Whats a bust? He’ll hit .250 or better.
      10. We have a great 4th OF’er, 19 1st basemen and lots of young arms. Aside from major injuries, I think our lineup is solid. Cashman will make at least one, if not more moves, but smart, thought out ones. He’s looking for a BUC and 1st basemen, even if he doesn’t talk about it.

      I have faith in Cashman. He’s not jumpy. He will hold his cards until there is a smart move to make and then swoop in (ala Abreu). He’s into quality, not quantity.

      The Yankees have never been ‘kid friendly’, but between Cano, Wang and Milkdud, I think they see their farm as a legitimate source of standins.

      This is the NEW Yankees.

    6. David
      March 23rd, 2007 | 9:02 pm

      1. Your guess is as good as mine.

      2. Proctor

      3. No

      4. No, becauae Carl Pavano will be traded in mid-season.

      5. The fans will boo and ARod will press even more.

      6. 4

      7. There’s Karstens, Rasner, Rocket, not to mention the starting 5. The Yanks don’t need Phil in 2007.

      8. Unfortunately not. I think Torre is over the hill as a manager, but Yankee management doesn’t see it that way.

      9. No. Minky’s back is better than it was last year, so he should hit better. Yes, Phelps looks like the real deal as a hitter.

      10. Players will be forced to play out of position or the DH will be moved to a fielding position 5 times, costing the Yanks one game.

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