• April 14th @ The A’s

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    Credit the entire bullpen for this win – all seven of them. Actually, Derek Jeter should be sending the entire pen, and Jason Giambi, flowers for pulling this game out. Imagine, if the Yankees lost this game…it would then have been possible to say that Derek Jeter’s failure on defense had cost the Yankees two of their first ten games this season. No lie, right? It almost happened.

    There’s something about the A’s starter, Joe Blanton, that bothers me. I think it’s the way that he stuffs himself into his uniform. He sort of reminds me of Larry Joe Campbell pretending to be a baseball player. (By the way, According to Jim, which is a show that I never, ever, would have stopped to watch, has really caught my attention in syndication. It’s quite funny. To me, it’s The Odd Couple syndication success story all over again.) Anyway, since Blanton bothers me, I’m glad that the Yankees did not lose to him.

    Speaking of bad blood, is something developing between the A’s and Yankees? From the AP:

    Bruney said he watched the highlight of Oakland rookie Travis Buck slamming his helmet in celebration after scoring the winning run in the 11th inning Friday night and took extra pleasure in ending this game by striking Buck out.

    “To see a guy slam his helmet in front of you after the game was over last night makes it a little extra special to finish it off against him,” Bruney said. “I thought that was a little disrespectful last night. Our guys win with class.”

    Buck said he meant no disrespect.

    “Over here we like to have fun,” he said. “If that was showing him up, that was not the intent at all. I was really excited for us to pull out a win against a tremendous team.”

    I dunno? Was Buck’s reaction all that different than A-Rod’s when he hit the walk-off grand-slam homer last Saturday?

    Speaking of A-Rod, man, when he hits them, he really hits them – this year. It looks like Roy Hobbs in The Natural. Short swing and the ball flies off his bat – and then goes a country mile. His swing really does seem to be shorter and quicker this year. When he’s making contact, it’s like a man playing against boys. It really does seem like he should be in a higher league. That’s a story that I would like to see someone do – comparing Alex’s swing, from last year to now, identifying the changes, and then asking him how/why that happened. Is it something Kevin Long did? If so, the man is a genius, already, to me.

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    1. Jen
      April 15th, 2007 | 12:01 pm

      I’m assuming that you’re talking about when A-Rod threw his helmet into the air? He did that last year too and Melky did it on his walk-off.

      Being completely biased here, I see that as more of a “Yippee we won” and Buck’s as more of an “F-you, we beat your ass”. And I think the fact that he’s a rookie didn’t help matters. But maybe I was just too tired at the time that it happened and it clouded my judgement.

      As for analysis of A-Rod’s swing, I would bet the Jeff Albert from Swingtraining.net will tackle that issue soon enough. He analyzed Alex’s swing last year.


    2. brockdc
      April 15th, 2007 | 1:40 pm

      Obviously, wins are always good, but I noticed Bruney’s velocity down last night to 90-91 in his second inning of work (and fourth in two nights). The guy is gassed right now.

      Here’s to hoping Pettite can give them some innings today.

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