• It’s Man-Up Time For Igawa

    Posted by on April 23rd, 2007 · Comments (4)

    Through last night’s game, here is how the Yankees and Red Sox starters stack up – in terms of innings per start:


    Yankees fans can’t get on Wright and Kartsens here (as Wright should be pitching in Double-A now and Karstens was rushed off a rehab). And, sure, it would be nice if Mussina and Pavano were pitching – but, they are hurt. (At least, we think Pavano is hurt.) Of course, yes, Worm Killer Wang coming back this week should help here too.

    But, Rasner and Igawa need to give the Yankees more innings per start. Sure, Rasner has blisters. But, that only flies for one game…in my opinion. You either fix them or go on the D.L. (if you can’t address them). If you’re able to make the start, then you’re on the hook to provide innings.

    It starts for Igawa tonight. He needs to use his pitches in a manner that will allow him to go at least six innings…hopefully seven. If Igawa only pitches five-and-a-third, or less, tonight, he’s clearly this year’s model of Jaret Wright.

    Let’s hope he can show the Yankees something special this evening.

    Comments on It’s Man-Up Time For Igawa

    1. rbj
      April 23rd, 2007 | 12:13 pm

      Absolutely. I want him to go 8 innings tonight, with Mo getting the save. Doesn’t matter if it is a 10-8 game, go eight innings.

    2. April 23rd, 2007 | 12:52 pm

      you can’t kill rasner on his last start, he got pulled too early IMO

      igawa has showed some promise, gettin a lot of first pitch strikes recently and working ahead of the batter…sometimes though, i feel like he tries to make the perfect pitch to get the hitter out and wastes too many. he needs to go after them

    3. brockdc
      April 23rd, 2007 | 4:03 pm

      Are you kidding? Jaret Wright would be a horse in this rotation right now. But, like Rbj says, you keep Igawa in there for eight innings tonight, regardless of whether or not he is actually effective. Sadly, it’ll be a one run game in the fifth, at which point Torre will commence his mix and match bullpen antics.

    4. JeremyM
      April 23rd, 2007 | 8:28 pm

      Well, he is far from manning up. He’s looking to be a terrible signing.

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