• April 29th vs. The Red Sox

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    Long day today. I live about 55 miles from the Stadium. So, I left the house at ten this morning to meet my friend John in Fort Lee (NJ) before the game – so that we could drive over together. Once the game was over, and I dropped John off (back at his car), and then drove home, it was seven in the evening (when I walked in the door). Seems like a lot of time – nine hours of your day – to carve out for a 9-inning baseball game. Welcome to the new world of trying to go to a Yankees game by car. It doesn’t seem that bad when they win…but, when they lose, it doesn’t seem right to have burned your whole day for that cause.

    Oh, and for the record, the uncivilized and cutthroat manner in which Yankees fans treat each other, exiting parking garages around the Stadium, and while accessing roads to leave the Bronx, is disgusting. Seeing what I saw today, trying to get home from the game, made me embarrassed to know that these were my fellow members of the Yankees Fan Nation. Rude and obnoxious behavior. No wonder why some like to give Yankees fans a bad name.

    Speaking of giving Yankees fans a bad name…and I know that I’ve mentioned this before…what’s up with allowing Red Sox fans to take over Yankee Stadium? I know that I’ve mentioned this in the past…but, there’s more and more Red Sox fans showing up at the Stadium for these games than ever before. When Crisp hit his triple today and then again when Cora homered, the ovations from Sox fans in my section where extremely loud. Later in the game, I went to visit a friend on the field level – and mentioned this about the Sox fans. They told me: “Look around here. I’ve got five of them right behind me, two to the right, and three more in front of me to the left. And, they’re screaming like crazy at everything.”

    Why are Yankees fans letting Red Sox fans buy so many tickets to these games at the Stadium?

    Lastly, to the game. What can I say? If the Yankees pitching situation was not bad enough, now the hitting has gone south as well. Today was a Chinese Homer from Rico Bergman and a Han Solo from Jeter. Dat’s it. Damon, Abreu, Matsui – and to an extent Cano – are ice cold.

    On the bright-side, it’s close to being at rock-bottom for the Yankees. And, I’m beginning to think that they have to hit rock-bottom for changes to start happening and for improvements to follow.

    I’m just glad that Brian Cashman fessed up to what I said yesterday:

    Cashman couldn’t say whether Torre’s job is in jeopardy but understood that any losing streak by the Yankees provokes speculation.

    “That’s the nature of the beast. There’s no doubt. We’ve hit a rough spot and when you hit a rough spot, especially here, it’s rougher and louder,” he said. “I take full responsibility for this start, just because that’s my job. This is the team I put together. And so if people are looking for blame, I say blame me.”

    Part of any effective solution is finding the core of the problem. The above self-identification is a start.

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    1. Joel
      April 29th, 2007 | 11:48 pm

      More than any of the other losses they’ve had this season, this one troubled me the most. I thought this was something of a statement game; a “not-in-our-house” kind of a game. And they were very flat. After a good win on Saturday when Igawa stepped up out of nowhere and then to have our ace vs. their #5–at the Stadium–I thought “no way they beat us today.”

      Now I put myself in the “it’s early” and pro-Joe Torre camp. And I view myself as one of the more optimistic folks who comment on this blog. But there was a quality to this game, a sense–whatever–that just did not sit well with me. Maybe it’s just me, but I shut my TV off today feeling very disturbed about this team.

    2. Garcia
      April 30th, 2007 | 6:58 am

      I’m with you, Joel.

      Steve, I was at the game Saturday and I find that parking on Ogden and taking a 5 minute walk to the stadium is much better – traffic and sanity wise.

    3. Santino53
      April 30th, 2007 | 10:05 am

      I was at the game as well and Joel, you’re right,
      there was no sense of urgency. The innings just meekly melted away. Cano worries me right now. Swings again at everthing and is always in a bad count. To his credit his fielding has not suffered. Why not move Abreu down in the order for a while? Your three hitter should show some power not look to walk and bunt. Steve, i wish I could find tickets at Fenway as easily as they get them in the Bronx.

    4. snowball003
      April 30th, 2007 | 9:24 pm

      I was at all 3 games this weekend and had a gaggle of Sox fans around me at all times. And when you’re in the bleachers and can’t completely see every play that’s made and there’s cheering, you get a little excited like “maybe I missed something!” and then you realize it’s really people cheering that Cano just struck out.

      I blame eBay and Stub Hub for the amount of Sox fans coming to these games. From the Bleachers, you can see the entirety of the main part of the Stadium. Every day, I looked around thinking, “there is way too much red.” I just go on assuming that all the white I saw was accented with navy pinstripes.

      As a Stadium season ticket holder, I would sooner allow my seats to remain empty than allow a possible Sox fan to purchase them from me.

    5. May 1st, 2007 | 2:20 am

      Re: the overabundance of Red Sox fans at Yankee Stadium, I became horrified by this a few years ago. Say directly behind home plate is 6PM, my seats (given to me by a box seat owner) were about 7PM, about 15-20 rows back. I always had a clear view of Jack Nicholson and Lorne Michaels. This area was almost 100% Red Sox fans. I thought, who needs this, they probably bus them in. I vowed never to attend another of these games, went back on my vow once, and almost got into a fight with a Red Sox fan who…forget it. I vowed again never to return. As far as the rudeness, I find this increasingly in all aspects of life. Parents do not insist their children be civil human beings. Therefore, they act like animals.

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