• Next Fortnight Telling For Cash & Joe

    Posted by on April 30th, 2007 · Comments (1)

    According to Big Stein today:

    “…Brian Cashman, our general manager, Joe Torre, our manager, and our players all believe that they will turn this around quickly.”

    I’m going to assume that Boss George means the month of May, in terms of turning it around “quickly.” Can it be done?

    The Yankees play 28 games in May – 15 on the road and 13 at home.

    The road games: Three games each @ Texas, @ Seattle, @ The White Sox, @ The Mets, and @ Toronto.

    The home games: Four with Seattle – then three each with Texas, Boston and Los Angeles.

    We know that the White Sox, Mets, Red Sox, Angels and Blue Jays will be up for their games with the Yankees. That’s 15 of the Yankees 28 games in May.

    The other 13 games for the Yankees next month are with the Rangers and Mariners. In fact, New York plays Texas and Seattle for their first 13 games in May.

    So, how good have the Rangers and Mariners been so far this season? Actually, both of these teams only have one more win this year than the Yankees (to date). Neither the Rangers or the Mariners have batted very well this season (so far). And, their pitching has been about just as bad as the Yankees.

    If the Yankees are going to turn this thing around “quickly,” there could not be a better chance to do it, schedule-wise, than these next two weeks.

    Of course, if the Yankees drop nine (or more) of their next 13 games, that should be enough to force the team to make some decisions. It will be a very interesting fortnight for Brian Cashman and Joe Torre. Very interesting, indeed.

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    1. WebmistressEMC
      May 1st, 2007 | 7:48 pm

      “Actually, both of these teams only have one more win this year than the Yankees (to date).”

      That may be true, but the Mariners have played 3 fewer games than the Yankees. Their record is 10-10 (.500).

      Pick on the warm-weather Texans, who have a 10-15 record. They have the same problems they always have, pitching — BUT, they have a 6-4 record at their home ballpark, and the Yanks are 3-8 on the road. You might notice, too, oddsmakers favor the baseball Rangers…

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