• May 4th vs. The Mariners

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    Big Papi was right.

    For the record, Esteban Loaiza, with an ERA of 8.50 (in 42.3 IP) holds the record for worst career Yankees ERA (min. 30 IP). At least Igawa has that to shoot for…I guess. By the way, coming into this season, Randy Keisler held the mark for lefties…with an ERA of 7.19 (in 61.3 IP).

    Seriously, at this point, you have to option Igawa to Triple-A. You’ve tried everything…including having him only pitch from the stretch. It’s time for Cashman to throw himself on his sword for this stupid signing and get someone else in here…anyone in Triple-A should be able to match Igawa’s ERA of 7.63 (to date).

    Big thumbs up to Mike Myers today – for taking one for the team. And, a tip of the cap to the Yankees hitters…for fighting right down to the 9th inning. When you get 22 runners on base, and plate 11 of them, you should win the game.

    For now, all that’s left after this game is to figure out if Kei Igawa is Japanese for Steve Trout, Denny Neagle, or Felix Heredia. Heck, maybe it’s all three?

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    1. JJay
      May 4th, 2007 | 11:22 pm

      I agree. Igawa either needs to be sent to AAA or be used for middle relief, long relief or mop up duty.

      Oh well. Hopefully the Yanks take the next three. Especially tomorrow… since my girlfriend and I are making the trip from Boston tomorrow morning. 😉

    2. baileywalk
      May 4th, 2007 | 11:29 pm

      He’s had some decent games and some AWFUL games. I wouldn’t send Igawa down to AAA yet. Personally, I think that would wreck him. I’d give him one more start and if he doesn’t work out his issues, I would make him the longman. This team needs a longman, and I don’t think they want Bean or Myers being it (Rasner is another option, I guess).

      Igawa is just so damn weird. He has good stuff. But his location, in some games, is horrendous. He had decent velocity on the fastball tonight, but I thought Jorge went back to that well one too many times.

      The only thing worse than the pitching by Igawa, Bean (good-bye, Colter, see you in Scranton) and Vizcaino was the MY9HD broadcast. MY9HD’s audio always cracks and pops, but tonight the HD signal first froze, then was lost, and then the audio switched to CBS880 and the SAP channel playing simultaneously. They must have been drunk tonight.

      FINALLY Torre let Myers stay in a game. With Myers unable to get lefties out this year, Myers has real value as a one-inning/multi-inning guy. Hopefully Torre remembers this and expands Myers’ role in that bullpen.

      Jeter had bad swings all night — it wasn’t surprising he made that last out.

    3. JJay
      May 4th, 2007 | 11:34 pm

      I had to watch the FOX Sports broadcast with the Seattle announcers. My God – you’d think they just won the 7th game of the World Series. These guys were out of control.

    4. snowball003
      May 4th, 2007 | 11:45 pm

      While Igawa was not good this game, I do not agree with Ortiz at all. The game vs. Boston, he had good stuff. If he pitched like he did tonight vs. Boston and they still couldn’t hit him, then sure.

      Arizona took Randy Johnson back–think there’s any way they’ll take Vizcaino back?

    5. dereksTeam
      May 5th, 2007 | 1:00 am

      The Igawa signing with a couple of other moves shows that the Yankee organization can have great difficulty evaluating talent. Igawa was a knee jerk signing following the splashy Matsuzaka SAWKS signing, which is going to come back and bite Theo’s ass big time. It would have been nice to have signed a guy at half the money and had him do just as well, but looks like it ain’t gonna happen.

      Games like this drain the soul. Having to listen to Kay and Al Leiter, who obviously hate each other is even worse. I swear to God, one more comment from either one on how Mike Myers is getting righties out this year better than lefties….I was ready to fly down there, come into the booth and throttle the both of them. Repeating the same shit over and over and over again. Shouldn’t you be forced to prepare a little, you know maybe have a couple of things ready rather than just ONE FUCKING POINT. You made it, now move on. jesus.

      Such a change from Texas…give me Singleton and Girardi. Is there a way on MLB to listen to WCBS and watch the game at the same time? I have the premium 700 streaming package. I can’t listen to Kay and have the Yankees lose like this. Life is too short.

    6. Raf
      May 5th, 2007 | 2:05 am

      It wasn’t a whole lot better watching the game in person, I tell ya…

      Good work by Meyers, but I thought that Torre was going to leave Igawa in there longer, at least to finish the 5th.

      So much for Bean, eh? Been a while since he pitched, I’m not suprised he didn’t have his “touch”

      I guess the bright side is that Torre didn’t use 5 pitchers today

    7. baileywalk
      May 5th, 2007 | 2:13 am

      Thought the same thing about Bean — it really has been a while since he pitched (there was a perfect opportunity to use him in the first Texas game, but Torre bizarrely used Vizcaino in a blowout). Bean probably hasn’t pitched in a week and Torre threw him out there with two men on.

      It isn’t entirely fair to the “kid” (only Michael Kay would call a thirty-year-old a “kid”), but he really was the one who killed any chance the Yankees had to win. Yes, Igawa was AWFUL and let the Mariners come back, but Bean completely melted down, couldn’t throw a strike, and couldn’t get an out. If he doesn’t flame out right there, maybe the Yankees actually win this game.

      Oh, well. Igawa should take a cue from another lefty — Randy Johnson — who actually made the huge run support COUNT and picked up a bunch of cheap victories.

    8. brockdc
      May 5th, 2007 | 4:37 pm

      It was deplorable how the Stadium “fans” showered boos on Colter Bean, a rookie who has been used erratically. We make Philly fans seem classy.

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