• May 7th vs. The Mariners

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    You can blame the second base umpire for this loss. Or, if you want, you can blame Mo Rivera for tonight. But, the fact of the matter is that the Yankees only plated 2 runs this evening – even though they had 14 runners reach base in the game. On the whole, New York was one for eleven with runners in scoring position.

    Abreu, A-Rod and Cano each had at least one chance to deliver a big blow in this game – and failed.

    That’s why the Yankees lost this one, in my opinion.

    On the bright side, we have Matt DeSalvo. I thought he did a good job today. Some balls were hit deep and run down. Some other balls were well struck – but went for outs. Nonetheless, for the most part, DeSalvo was doing his thing out there.

    I really enjoyed seeing his energy and poise on the mound today. He looked like a confident player, in control – rather than a guy getting his first big league start.

    On a scale of one to ten, in terms of body language on the field, with one being Igawa/Pavano and ten being Clemens/Mussina, I give DeSalvo a solid “eight” – based on the way he carried himself tonight. Not too shabby for a guy who was signed as an undrafted free agent – after being named “Small College Player of the Year” – in 2003.

    I’m looking forward to his next start.

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    1. JeremyM
      May 7th, 2007 | 11:58 pm

      I know Pettitte is kind of the current gold standard for home-grown Yankee starters and everyone uses him as a comp, but, I really did get a Pettitte vibe from him. I’d like to see some strikeouts, but he did a good job of keeping the hitters off balance. His second start will probably tell us more though, I’m also looking forward to it. It made me sick to see him lose his win due to the shenanigans.

      What a disappointing loss, all the stranded runners and then the missed call, which was completely ridiculous. The ump was in terrible position and really blew it. The guy was out by 3 feet. It’s too bad that nothing ever happens to them either. And Mo is starting to worry me, he blows 2 guys away and WHAM. Abreu really crapped the bed as well, that little grounder with runners on first and third was bad, and would’ve been a double play if Sexon stepped on the bag.

      Cano, I don’t know. His plate discipline actually seems to be regressing. I think he’ll turn it around though.

    2. snowball003
      May 8th, 2007 | 12:09 am

      Do you think that DeSalvo would have stayed in for 7 innings if Mattingly were not “manager” and Torre was in there? Torre seemed to pull the rookie (or semi-rookie) starters out after 5 innings or so regardless of pitch count, with a couple exceptions. I’m glad he stayed in–he did a great job–but I am just curious about what would happen if Torre didn’t have that one game suspension.

    3. baileywalk
      May 8th, 2007 | 12:15 am

      There are blown calls and there are absolute abortions. This was of the latter category. He was out of position, but even where he was he could clearly see he wasn’t anywhere near the bag. You knew as soon as he blew that call that the run would score. It always happens.

      I usually throw out a pitcher’s first start — good or bad — but DeSalvo did look pretty good. The only reason to hold enthusiasm is because the team he was pitching against doesn’t hit unless it’s against Kei Igawa. Rasner dominated them, too.

      His fastball was 88-90 on the YES gun, but it didn’t seem to have a lot of life. Similar to Rasner’s fastball. But his change looked really good, and he has a kind of Wang/Kevin Brown motion that might throw the hitter off a bit.

      This loss wouldn’t hurt as much if the Yankees weren’t so bad in April. Right now, they need every win they can get.

      Mo elevated a fastball to a free-swinging guy with a lot of power. He made that same pitch to Vernon Wells last year and Wells hit a walk-off home run.

      As as you guys pointed out, the offense really lost this game.

    4. brockdc
      May 8th, 2007 | 12:27 am

      Wow, just a horrendous call. I agree, great job by Donnie leaving the kid in to work through the seventh.

      And, yeah, DeSalvo did an excellent job tonight. Pessimists – and realists – will no doubt point to his poor peripherals, and they could be right. It’s early, but I say he’s Rasner with the change instead of the curve.

    5. Jen
      May 8th, 2007 | 12:46 am

      I liked how he hopped/skipped over the foul line between innings.

    6. Don
      May 8th, 2007 | 2:05 am

      Wow! Steve cannot wait for DeSalvo’s next start. Not quite the downer you’ve been regarding Hughes.

    7. singledd
      May 8th, 2007 | 6:43 am

      “Pessimists – and realists – will no doubt point to his poor peripherals…”
      Well… they can’t be ignored. This was a dominant start, but I have no thoughts that this kid will be a dominant pitcher. But he looks like he could be a decent #5-#6, and that’s all we’re really looking for.

      He might also serve us well as a long man out of the BP, but that will depend on Iggy.

      Hughes will be back, hopefully by late June, Roger by mid June. If Rasner/DeSalvo/Iggy can be .500 pitchers through May/June, we’ll be in fine shape.

    8. Garcia
      May 8th, 2007 | 6:52 am

      Ugh…I was so pissed after this game, what an abortion. I was pissed seeing Abreu take that last pitch for a strike, but what is really starting to annoy me more during Yankee games is seeing all those f’ing commercials of that dude that with the hole in his throat. Every damn commercial break, and here comes this f’er covering a hole in his throat.

      This is getting to be ridiculous already. If they want to show those commercials then show them one time during a Yankee game, that’s it. Only one time, not twenty times during a game.

      I’m watching a game and I’m being entertained, and I don’t f’ing smoke cigarettes, and I hate him and his cancer even more when the Yankees lose.

    9. rbj
      May 8th, 2007 | 8:08 am

      Sometimes it’s just going to be a low scoring game. Leaving the RISPies on the basepath sucked, but the ump’s call is what blew the game. Mo just needs regular work, and working to protect a one run lead is a different mindset than working in a tie.

      Garcia, I hate the ads too, but don’t hate the guy, hate the nanny-staters who want to shove anti-smoking down your throat (and no, I don’t smoke, despise it and am allergic to it). And hate the &*$%&^$&^@!#!@!! ump.

    10. Garcia
      May 8th, 2007 | 8:58 am

      rbj, seriously though….I swear I thought last night was the worse. They had that guy on during every commercial break and after the ump blew the call, then the Mo dinger, then Abreu goes down looking. I just lost it with that commercial and that dude…..that was the first commercial after the Yanks lost. I was seething, the last thing I wanted to see was that guy’s hole.

      I hate games like this. The Yanks really needed 3 – 4 from this series, I wanted them to be at .500 so bad last night too.

    11. JJay
      May 8th, 2007 | 9:03 am

      PLEASE, put ANYONE in the 3-hole besides Abreu. Posada, Matsui, Giambi. PLEASE just get him out of there. Enough of the K’s, the ground outs and the rally-killing DP’s. This is enough. He’s not working his way out of it in the 3-hole. Move him down.

      And I agree with bailey. The second that call was blown you knew the game was tied and you just didn’t have a good feeling about the rest of the game either.

    12. Raf
      May 8th, 2007 | 9:48 am

      Minky (Rico) should’ve been plated, at the very least, he shouldn’t have been thrown out at home.

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