• May 12th @ The Mariners

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    This, my friends, was a big win. To lose this game, and then fall 8 games behind the Red Sox, would have been a disaster.

    As Torre says about Matt DeSalvo: “He’s legitimate.” And, he’s the best pitcher to ever wear #14 in Yankees history. (Take that, Russ Van Atta and Hideki Irabu!)

    If DeSalvo keeps rolling, he has to stay with this team. This means back to Triple-A for Phil Hughes when he’s sound. (This would not be a terrible thing for Hughes.) A rotation of Wang, Pettitte, Mussina, Clemens and DeSalvo is starting to look real good, for now. (This means “Just say ‘No!’ to Igawa.”)

    Lastly, “Happy Mother’s Day!” to all the Moms out there today. Last year, Randy Johnson started for the Yankees on Mother’s Day. The year before that, it was Kevin Brown. This year, we have Andy Pettitte. Makes you want to sing “Which one of these things doesn’t belong with the other?” (Right?)

    With Josh Beckett going for Boston today (against the O’s in Fenway), Andy will need to be dandy for New York (against Seattle). Another day, another big game for New York to win. Let’s hope the pink bats bring out the best for the Yanks today.

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    1. May 13th, 2007 | 9:50 am

      Hughes isn’t being sent down in favor of DeSalvo.

      It has already been determined that Hughes will remain in the rotation.

      If Clemens isn’t taking DeSalvo’s spot, Hughes certainly will.

      I also wonder about DeSalvo’s success. I am happy for him, but it seems a little smoke and mirrors to me.

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