• The Yanks Brittle Little Phil?

    Posted by on May 31st, 2007 · Comments (3)

    Here’s a story for you.

    A pitcher on the Yankees is injured. And, he’s rehabbing down in Florida…attempting to rejoin the team. But, while he’s rehabbing, he experiences another injury – this one being a freak thing – which is actually worse than the first injury…and this pushes his return to the team further back than it was before.

    “Ah,” you say to yourself, “I know this story. It’s the Carl Pavano story.”

    But, it’s not. From Yankees.com

    Phil Hughes, one of baseball’s top pitching prospects, has a Grade 3 sprain of the left ankle that is expected to set the hurler back an additional four to six weeks in his efforts to rejoin the Yankees’ Major League roster.

    Hughes, a 20-year-old right-hander, rolled his ankle while performing conditioning exercises Friday at Legends Field in Tampa, Fla., where he was rehabilitating a strained left hamstring.

    The Grade 3 diagnosis is considered the most severe possible strain, in which one or more ligaments are stretched and completely torn. The Yankees made Hughes’ results public Wednesday, prior to the club’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre.

    Yankees officials had hoped Hughes would return in mid-June. But now with the setback, the hurler won’t even throw off a mound until somewhere from late June to early July.

    Of course, the good news here for Phil Hughes is that none of this has anything to do with his arm. That’s always good news when it comes to a pitcher.

    Then again, Hughes did have a mild shoulder concern in 2005 and the Yankees kept his arm on a very short leash last year – fearing that pushing him could lead to injury.

    Maybe this is all nothing? But, at the same time, maybe this is something that the Yankees need to be concerned about…is Phil Hughes going to be like Pavano, or Mark Prior, meaning that he’s going to prove to be brittle?

    It’s possible. We’ll know for sure in a few years from now.

    Comments on The Yanks Brittle Little Phil?

    1. baileywalk
      May 31st, 2007 | 11:39 am

      Would you stop looking for negatives with Phil Hughes. Steve, why — why do you continue to search for ways to throw dirt on this kid?

      His hammy strain was a pure freak accident (while pitching a no-hitter!), and he sprained his ankle running. Not exactly injury prone.

      The “shoulder concern” was nothing more than mild tendinitis. They didn’t limit Hughes last year to 150 innings because of anything in his history. That’s just how they build their prospects’ arms: thirty innings are added each year.

      Hughes has never had a serious arm injury in his career, and now you want to compare him to surgery-fiends like Pavano and Prior? Please.

    2. May 31st, 2007 | 12:52 pm

      This is a cascade injury from his hamstring. It’s NOT his arm. There’s nothing to worry about here. Give the scaremongering a rest for a few minutes about Hughes.

    3. Raf
      May 31st, 2007 | 3:47 pm

      Hughes, a 20-year-old right-hander, rolled his ankle while performing conditioning exercises Friday at Legends Field in Tampa, Fla.
      The ghost of Marty Miller strikes again! 😉

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