• June 8th vs. The Pirates

    Posted by on June 9th, 2007 · Comments (9)

    It’s good to beat the Pirates. I don’t like the Pirates. It hasn’t always been this way for me. It’s only been in the last 5 years or so that I’ve felt this way.

    I was not alive in 1960. So, the 1960 World Series, until recently, didn’t truly resonate with me. That changed in November 2001. After the Yankees lost the 2001 World Series, in the bottom of the 9th of Game 7, I began to have some understanding of what it felt like to be a Yankees fan in 1960. And, from that moment on, I began to dislike the Pirates.

    Before that time, the Pirates were just another team in my eyes. They were a franchise to respect…given their long and rich history. I still respect their history. And, I have nothing against their fans. In fact, I tip my cap to Pirates fans…anyone who can support a team, the way that team has played in the last 15 years, is a great fan. Pittsburgh Pirates fans are true baseball fans. There’s no front-runners there.

    Still, thanks to my new found empathy for the sting of the Yankees 1960 World Series defeat, any day the Yankees beat the Pirates is better than just your run-of-the-mill win. It’s not up there with beating the Red Sox or Mets – or beating the Royals back in the 1970’s. But, it’s right up there with beating the Diamondbacks, Angels, or (now) Tigers.

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    1. Garcia
      June 9th, 2007 | 9:52 am

      Shhhh…..be very, very quiet. I’m going to whisper something in your ear, the Yanks have a 4 game winning streak.

    2. Jen
      June 9th, 2007 | 10:11 am

      You might not like the team, but I you ever get a chance to go their stadium, do it. It freaking gorgeous.

      Oh, and great win last night. I don’t think many people were expecting the Pirates to be this tough to beat. Gorzelanny is no slouch.

    3. singledd
      June 9th, 2007 | 11:57 am

      M. Kaye mentioned that Mantle cried after the 1960 series. I guess the best team just does not always win in the WS.

    4. baileywalk
      June 9th, 2007 | 12:02 pm

      I actually read someone last night who said “See, this proves Melky isn’t really a good centerfielder.” Ugh. I hope that line of thought doesn’t come back. This guy has saved the Yankees’ pitchers’ asses more than once this year.

      I really do feel for Pettitte — he has actually been better than we could have hoped for. It just seems that they can’t get him any wins. Seems like the guy the team scores runs for is Tyler Clippard, weirdly enough.

      Pirates basically gave the game away in the tenth. Double by Cano, sac bunt by Melky, groundout by Cairo that would have been the second out but the third baseman didn’t throw the ball, walk by Damon, infield single by Jeter to win it.

      Should be pretty cool for these Pirate players to experience today with the Rocket’s return and the place going nuts like it’s a playoff game.

    5. Raf
      June 9th, 2007 | 12:30 pm

      And, I have nothing against their fans. In fact, I tip my cap to Pirates fans…anyone who can support a team, the way that team has played in the last 15 years, is a great fan. Pittsburgh Pirates fans are true baseball fans. There’s no front-runners there.
      Don’t think there were any front runners during the early 90’s when they were successful; I remember the stadium not being sold to capacity during the NLCS.

      Jeez, seems it was so long ago.

      I agree, PNC park is absolutely gorgeous. Great view of the city skyline beyond CF. Hopefully, I’ll make it out there this year.

    6. baileywalk
      June 9th, 2007 | 12:43 pm

      Kim Jones just mentioned on the pre-game that Chris Britton got shipped back down to AAA and the team kept Sean Henn around. WHAT? Is Cashman out of his friggin’ mind? Britton dominated AAA to the tune of a sub-1 ERA and then came up and threw THREE innings of effective relief in Chicago. Joe apparently said he likes how Henn looks since coming back. THE GUY HASN’T EVEN PITCHED! They got Britton for nothing. He’s performing well while guys like Farnsworth and Vizcaino are struggling, and not only do they not use him, they don’t even keep him on the team. Sometimes the Yankees do things with their players that simply makes no sense. The guy to get the boot should be Ron Villone. But instead they send down a pitcher who can actually get outs. Way to go.

    7. JeremyM
      June 9th, 2007 | 12:48 pm

      That Britton deal ticks me off as well. Villone and Vizcaino have both been crapping the bed. Let them go. Henn I’m fine with, but one of the two V’s needs to go for now, and probably both soon.

    8. Garcia
      June 9th, 2007 | 12:50 pm

      Whoever said Melky isn’t a good CF is retarded, that person can’t be taken seriously. Ever. That’s just stupid.

      I just heard that on YES, too, and I was trying to figure out when did Henn pitch since he got called up. I was confused by that from Torre, but I agree Villone should have been the odd man out. I’d rather have Britton than Villone. That was a stupid decision. Unless the Yanks think they can get something for Villone, nevertheless, if you DFA you still have 10 days to work out a trade. Isn’t that the way it works?

    9. dereksTeam
      June 9th, 2007 | 12:51 pm

      i was an 13 year old tyke, cute as a button.

      that was such a bullshit win by pittsburgh, it took me a few more years to fully comprehend “bullshit win” but God was laying the groundwork for it. The bucs were outscored, 55-27, and out-hit, 91-60, but in the end “won.” It still hurts and I still remember that ivy covered wall.

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