• Let’s Bounce Bruney Too

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    From the Post

    If the Yankees make a trade before Tuesday afternoon’s deadline it’s highly likely that Kyle Farnsworth and or Scott Proctor will be in it. And even if they aren’t moved, neophyte Joba Chamberlain is a solid bet to be added to the bullpen mix as early as Tuesday.

    If Joba Chamberlain is going to be the replacement for Farnsworth or Proctor, I wouldn’t stop there. I would replace Brian Bruney with Jeff Karstens as well.

    Since May 30th, Bruney has pitched in 22 games throwing 16.3 IP. In those 16+ innings, he’s allowed 36 (!) baserunners. Batters against him in those 22 games have the following BA/OBA/SLG marks: .328/.450/.492 – yes, an Opponent On-Base Average of almost 50%.

    Last night’s game should have been the final straw for him. Even in the YES post-game, Torre said (about Brian): Sure, he throws hard, but, he has to throw strikes.

    Bruney was good in April and May of this season. But, for the last two months, he’s been brutal. It’s time to get him down to Triple-A to work out his problems there.

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    1. snowball003
      July 29th, 2007 | 9:35 am

      What the heck happened to Brian Bruney though? In the beginning of the season, he was good. I’d get excited to see him come into a game. Did something happen? Or did the good just wear off?

    2. July 29th, 2007 | 9:53 am

      Last year, the question, always, on Bruney was “How could Arizona have let this guy go?” This year, I think we’re seeing the answer. He’s just another guy who throws hard but lacks the control to be an effective pitcher. The minors are full of guys like this.

    3. Joel
      July 29th, 2007 | 9:59 am

      I remember when we first got Bruney. Many of the so-called experts criticized Arizona for “letting an arm like that get away.” Well, as Steve has pointed out, this is why you let a guy with a golden arm go–he doesn’t throw strikes.

      By way of comparison, I saw Al Reyes of Tampa last night hold the meat of the Red Sox lineup at bay for two innings without throwing a ball over 86 mph. Quality pitching is a little like Real Estate: Change speeds and location, location, location!

    4. Joel
      July 29th, 2007 | 10:02 am

      Steve, you beat me to it. After I finished my comment I noticed you had already said pretty much the same thing. I wasn’t intentionally trying to be repetitive:)

    5. Santino53
      July 29th, 2007 | 10:51 am

      On today’s MLB Trade Rumors..”The Orioles have inquired about Kei Igawa and were told he is unavailable” ! You have got to be kidding me.
      Does Cashman have a death wish? If true, this is even worse than not trading Farnsworth to interested teams because of the money.

    6. July 29th, 2007 | 11:02 am

      Cashman being Cashman?

    7. Kyle
      July 29th, 2007 | 11:40 am

      My only issue with Chamberlain in the pen is will Torre use him? If Torre is going to treat him like Edwar then that wont help his development. If we want to fix our bullpen just replace Villone, Proctor, Farnsworth with Britton, Edwar, Joba

    8. Santino53
      July 29th, 2007 | 12:13 pm

      Kyle, you should be more worried Torre will use him like Proctor. I worry about a 21 yr. old arm in the hands of a desparate manager with a track record of frying those he “trusts”.

    9. baileywalk
      July 29th, 2007 | 1:41 pm

      I think the Joba rumors — which writers are now mentioning like it’s a certainty — is bullshit. Would they really bring Joba up and stick him in the bullpen without ANY time in the ‘pen in AAA? When someone starts their entire life, it’s an odd transition to the ‘pen — the warmup time, etc. Plus, Joba has probably never pitched two days in a row as a pro. Wouldn’t they want him to do it once to see how he feels before throwing him out there? I think putting Joba in the ‘pen is a dumb idea, but if they do it, I hope they at least let him get his feet wet as a reliever in the minors.

    10. brockdc
      July 29th, 2007 | 1:54 pm

      Cashman turning down a trade proposal for Igawa is like me turning down a date proposal from Shakira.

      It simply borders on the insane.

    11. baileywalk
      July 29th, 2007 | 2:15 pm

      Cashman turning down a trade proposal for Igawa is like me turning down a date proposal from Shakira.

      It simply borders on the insane.

      Heyman mentions that in his column today. He says the M’s “cooled” after Igawa’s performance against the Royals (though you have to wonder why his previous starts turned them on; the Royals start was one of his better ones).

      Heyman also said that the Yankees would expect any team who took Igawa to pay part of the posting fee, which is something I’ve never heard before.

    12. Raf
      July 29th, 2007 | 2:48 pm

      If Joba gets called up and stuck in the pen, he wouldn’t be the first, nor will he be the last.

    13. baileywalk
      July 29th, 2007 | 4:11 pm

      If Joba gets called up and stuck in the pen, he wouldn’t be the first, nor will he be the last.

    14. July 30th, 2007 | 1:33 am

      i just dont trust Torre to use joba effectively (at least for his future/health). it’s going to be either 1. overuse, ala Proctor, or 2. underuse, ala Edwar. neither are good for his development.

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