• Chacon: Torre Excels At Giving The Fredo Treatment

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    From Mike Geffner

    Shawn Chacon isn’t remotely the loose cannon that Gary Sheffield is. Nor does he possess even a hint of Sheffield’s off-the-chart paranoia that senses enemies all around him and people dissing him at every turn.

    But you can now count the 29-year-old Pirates pitcher, punted from the Bronx at the trade deadline last season, among Sheffield’s growing camp of former Yankees who felt Joe Torre mistreated him.

    “When I heard what Sheff said, I chuckled, (thinking to myself), ‘That sounds familiar,'” Chacon told Rundown in an exclusive interview this week. “I mean, I have all the respect for Joe in the world and it didn’t ring true as far as the race thing was concerned, but I can definitely understand where Sheff is coming from, that Joe tried to make an example of him, used him to get a point across to the team.”

    “There was a situation between Joe and myself,” he said.

    The never-before-revealed “situation” was Torre undressing Chacon in the post-game clubhouse to the point where the pitcher felt like he was all but down to his underwear.

    Here’s what happened, according to Chacon: “I had a big lead (9-2) and got pulled out of the game with one out and a couple of guys on in the fifth inning. I was pretty disappointed obviously, pretty pissed off. (Joe) took my actions as showing him up out there on the field, and (after the game was over and the Yankees lost 11-9 in a total blowup) he decided he wanted to call me out on it in front of the whole team. I didn’t take well to that.”

    He stood up to Torre and gave it right back to him, fire and all.

    Chacon claimed that he apologized to Torre the next day. He also told his manager that he misinterpreted the pitcher’s actions on the mound during the hook — he swore that he meant no disrespect — and after it was all said and done he simply wished the whole thing had been settled privately, between just the two of them.

    Torre’s reaction, said Chacon, was downright chilly.

    “I knew my days were numbered after that,” he said.

    Well, it’s been a month since Farnsworth pitched his fit and Torre ripped him good. Since then, Farnworth has pitched ten times in 28 games. Sounds like Kyle and Shawn can compare some notes on life with the Great Communicator.

    So, the question is: Why is Farnsworth still around? Maybe it’s just a matter of hours now for Kyle…

    Comments on Chacon: Torre Excels At Giving The Fredo Treatment

    1. Raf
      July 30th, 2007 | 11:30 am

      So, the question is: Why is Farnsworth still around?
      It’s obvious… Because he’s white! :p

      Seriously, it could be that he’s here for the long haul, it could be that he’s moved tomorrow. Who knows with these things?

    2. j
      July 30th, 2007 | 12:05 pm

      There is an element that reporters seem to not want to talk about here.

      The reason Chacon’s ‘days were numbered’ was not because Torre didn’t like him. It’s because he was garbage and they had a chance to get a 1B with a decent glove who could hit LHP like Sheffield at the trade deadline. I thought that was a great trade.

      Add Sheffield to that list. He was shipped out because there was no room for another DH on this team, let alone someone who demanded an extension in addition to his option being picked up.

      Kenny Lofton? See Shawn Chacon.

      Who’s next? Tony Womack?

    3. baileywalk
      July 30th, 2007 | 12:40 pm

      Yeah, a point to keep in mind is that three of the four players played like crap. At least Chacon dismissed the race issue.

      This is a pretty rare glance into the Torre clubhouse, though. I think Torre being a calming personality, who manages people well, has been way overblown in the media. It’s obvious that if you’re not a pinstriped zombie, and don’t follow lockstep with his ideas, he rips you to shreds. I specifically remember the game Chacon is talking about. It was surprising, but not uncalled for, that Joe lifted him. All Chacon did was act a little surprised to see Joe walking to the mound.

    4. Garcia
      July 30th, 2007 | 1:10 pm

      ~~~the Great Communicator~~~

      Steve, I have a real problem with that and here’s why, at least give Torre the benefit of doubt before being so patronizing with your “Great Communicator” reference.

      First off, this was something that was done in private in front of the team. He didn’t rip him in the media, he ripped him in the clubhouse, in front of the whole team. There are things that the manager can handle in private, but insubordination in full view of the public and the players you manage will not be tolerated.

      If he tries to show-up his manager in front of the team, in the middle of the ballgame, what’s Torre to do? Treat him with kid gloves, oh hell no.

      You are basically taking Chacon’s side with your comments. Instead of ripping Chacon’s story. Here’s the game in question:


      Here is Chacon’s line from that game:

      4.1 IP, 6 HA, 6 ER, 3BB, 3K

      I’m sorry, that’s not a line anyone should be proud of and the game wasn’t 9 – 2. Here’s the real account of what happened:

      NATIONALS 5TH: Soriano walked; Vidro singled to right [Soriano
      to third]; Ward singled to right [Soriano scored, Vidro to
      third]; Guillen popped to second; Zimmerman doubled to right
      [Vidro scored, Ward to third]; SMITH REPLACED CHACON (PITCHING);
      Schneider singled to right [Ward scored, Zimmerman scored];
      Harris grounded into a double play (pitcher to shortstop to
      second to first) [Schneider out at second]; 4 R, 4 H, 0 E, 0
      LOB. Yankees 9, Nationals 6.

    5. Joel
      July 30th, 2007 | 1:25 pm

      Amen to Garcia. Now its Shawn Chacon’s turn? “Wah, wah, wah…the manager didn’t like me.” Give me a freakin’ break! I’m actually glad to hear that Torre takes on assholes who publicly show him up.

      When Shawn Chacon or any of these other malcontents can show me their four rings, maybe I’ll give them a fair hearing.

    6. Don
      July 30th, 2007 | 1:56 pm

      What Garcia and Joel said.

    7. baileywalk
      July 30th, 2007 | 2:10 pm

      The point is not whether Torre was right or wrong to call Chacon out the way he did, but if it contrasts with how we thought Torre was in the clubhouse. The idea of calling out certain players in front of the team and dressing them down is surprising to me, since you always got the sense that Torre handled everything quietly and without drama. These stories make it seem that Torre had his favorites — the guys who never questioned him — and the other ones caught shit if they did something Torre didn’t like. In other words, Sheff was right (minus the racism): Torre treats certain players differently.

      In my own personal working experience, getting yelled at never helped motivate me. But being taken aside to hear why my mistake was a mistake meant I would never do it again.

      Torre comes off sounding like a bully who’s the opposite of the man we heard was so good at managing people.

      And again: Torre was right to take Chacon out of that game, but Chacon did not show him up on the mound.

      To paraphrase Don: all the usual company men will disagree, but they’re wrong.

    8. Jen
      July 30th, 2007 | 11:52 pm

      I was at that game (what a horrible weekend to be a Yankee fan in Washington). I remember Chacon shitting the bed, I don’t remember seeing him showing up Torre. But I was way out in left field so I couldn’t see much of anything. And the way that game ended I kind of wished i didn’t see any of it. For all we know he could’ve said something to him. Showing someone up doesn’t always have to be a physical gesture, a la Farnsworth.

      Like j said, his days weren’t numbered because of that indicent. If you look at his numbers, he wasn’t going to be staying long anyways. He was never the same after he got thwacked on the leg against in that Boston game. Not that he was an ace before that, but he had put together a few good starts in a row. Once he got hurt he was toast.

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