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    Through a friend of a friend, I once met (and got to know) someone else who once worked in the Yankees front office. He worked there during the mid- to late-80’s – and he was full on interesting stories about life in Yankeeland when he was there, that he was willing to share…on Big Stein, Sweet Lou, Stick, DiMag, and, several, about Rickey Henderson.

    Some of the Rickey tales included his unique way with words…for instance, when Henderson came to the Yankees, he told the folks in the front office that, when he was done in New York, they were going to rename the “Entire State Building” after him.

    After hearing that story, the Empire State Building will always be “the Rickey Henderson Entire State Building” to me.

    And, today, we took the kids to the “the Rickey Henderson Entire State Building” – because they wanted to see what it was like to be up in a skyscraper. (File this one under: Your kid asking you “What’s a skyscraper?” followed by “I want to see one!” after you provide the answer to the first question.)

    After our trip to the observation deck, we stopped at Foley’s Pub and Restaurant for lunch. If you’ve never been to Foley’s, and you’re into lots of baseball memorabilia and the like, you owe it to yourself to get there someday soon. Besides the awesome ambiance of the pub, the staff there is incredibly friendly (at least, they were to us), and the food was good.

    Foley’s Pub and Restaurant is located at 18 W 33rd St (between 5th & 6th Ave) in New York City. I have no idea when I’ll ever be back in that part of the city, but, if I am, and it’s time to eat, that’s where I’m going (again).

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    1. August 16th, 2007 | 5:33 pm

      What do you do for a living?

    2. Chuck May
      August 16th, 2007 | 6:09 pm

      I pass that area every week on my way to Big Apple Chorus rehearsal on Monday nights. It’s cool place to be. I saw Michael Kay doing his show one night from there. I passed the window and waved at him, when I was wearing all my Yankees gear, and he gave me a grin & a thumb’s up – nice moment there.

    3. carla
      August 16th, 2007 | 7:19 pm

      Sorry for the off-topic comment, but I wanted to make sure everyone saw this:

    4. August 17th, 2007 | 8:10 am

      ~~~What do you do for a living?~~~

      What does it matter?

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