• Destiny Day

    Posted by on August 31st, 2007 · Comments (1)

    It’s a fun day in Yankeeland today.

    The Bronx Bombers just spanked the Boston Red Sox for three games. The Mets are melting down faster than Fudgie The Whale in a microwave. And, most importantly, it’s Destiny Day!

    What’s the latter all about? It means, as of today, the Yankees control their own post-season destiny – thanks to the Mariners’ loss yesterday.

    In the chase for the A.L. Wildcard, New York and Seattle now both have 59 losses. (Detroit is next with 62 losses.) From this point forward, all the Yankees need to do is lose one less game than the Mariners and Tigers and they will be in the post-season this October. Sure, it’s a little tricky because the M’s have 30 games left to play whereas the Yanks and Bengals have 28 games, each, left to play. However, I’m not going to sweat that two game gap now.

    The goal for the Yankees is simple: Just win your games and everything should be fine. It won’t matter what anyone else does – as long as you win your game.

    Now is the time for the Yankees to drop the Ed Norton/Tyler Durden routine that has been their modus operandi at times this season. New York cannot start to show up in a mild-mannered fashion for any of their remaining series. That team that lost 7 of 8 to the Rockies, Giants and O’s in June cannot show their head again now. The team that recently lost 8 of 13 from August 14th to August 27th cannot be allowed to return as well.

    Actually, if you look at those seven losses in June and the eight from August, there’s a theme there: Mike Mussina was charged with 5 of those 15 losses. So, maybe getting Moose out of the rotation will help the Yankees stay on an extended roll?

    Nonetheless, that’s looking backwards. The Yankees need to focus elsewhere – in that it’s time to win the game they play that day – and just keep doing that everyday. If that happens, there will be baseball in the Bronx come October.

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      August 31st, 2007 | 10:20 am

      Hard to believe, but you slipped into the inevitable and inescapable cliché… ‘We just need to win our games and not worry about the other guys.” You are dead on about Mussina. Stink, Stank, Stunk. After the eggs he’s laid he’s got a lot of nerve saying that ought o give him achance to work it out in game situations. Needs an extra large serving of humble pie. Ironic that Henn’s laid eggs as well. A solid dozen extra large Grade A’s between them. I’m feeling pretty good right now about our chances. Other than Matsui’s knees, all the impact players seem to be healthy. We’ve got the best 25 of the three wildcard contenders, and the expanding roster will allow us to fill some holes in the pitching staff at times and give us an extra set of young legs when we need a pich runner here and there. Even if Kennedy doesn’t succeed, there will be enough arms around for a quick hook that should allow us to stay in the game. Vizci looks like he’s freshened up a bit and that would be a big plus given Bombsworth’s unreliability in the clutch.

      It’s always a good day to be a Yankee Fan, but some days, like today, are better than others.

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