• Hip, Hip, But Not For Fashion?

    Posted by on September 22nd, 2007 · Comments (4)

    I was at the Yankees game yesterday. For about 45 minutes, I hung out by “the bat” – just people watching. I find it interesting to examine fellow Yankees fans, tourists, and fans of other teams as the gather and mill around outside the Stadium. Plus, I always like to see if I may run into someone that I know – within the big crowds that now form in the Bronx on game-days.

    Yesterday evening, I decided to take note of what people were wearing.

    Sure, there was the “straight from work crowd” that were attired in business appropriate duds. And, there were the “fans of other teams” crowd – although not as much as when a team like Boston comes to town. (I saw two guys wearing Phillies jerseys and caps. And, one guy wearing a Blue Jays T-Shirt.)

    But, mostly everyone had on some sort of Yankees top – men, women, and children. Some were game-replica type jerseys and others were just T-shirts. Some had some sort of designer-type garb with Yankees on it, etc.

    Seeing this, I decided to focus in on player’s numbers and names that were featured on these Yankees shirts. Since Worm Killer Wang was pitching, there were tons of fans in shirts with “Wang, 40” or just “40” on them. And, there were several hundred fans with shirts that had “Jeter, 2” or “2” on them – and just as many with “Rodriguez, 13” or “13” on them.

    I also saw many shirts for Yankees from the past – like “Ruth, 3” and “Gehrig, 4” and “Mantle, 7” – as well as shirts for Thurman Munson, Paul O’Neill, Don Mattingly and Bernie Williams.

    Among other active players, I saw shirts for Damon, Clemens, Melky, Cano, Matsui and Pettitte. I even saw a handful with “Giambi, 25” or “25” on them.

    I saw a few with “Rivera, 42” or “42” on them – but not as many as Jeter or A-Rod, for sure, and not even as many as I saw for Matsui, Cano, and Melky. That was a bit odd.

    I even saw one guy with a Yankees BP jersey that had “Costanza” on the back, across the shoulders, with double-zero for the number.

    However, in the 45 minutes that I was out there, while I saw hundreds of Jeter’s and Rodriguez’s, and several for the other guys that I mentioned, I saw just one shirt – yes, just one, that said “Posada, 20.” And, it was not until I was just about to go inside the Stadium that I saw it. It was one of those navy T-shirts with the name and number. A girl was wearing it. I want to say that she was about 17-years old.

    In the 45 minutes that I was out there, I must have looked at 1,500 people come and go – most wearing some sort of Yankees shirt and most of those shirts tied to a player and/or a player’s number. And, I saw just one person wearing a shirt for Jorge Posada. That’s kind of shocking.

    Put it another way, I saw just as many people wearing Yankees gear for George Costanza as I did people wearing Yankees gear for Jorge Posada.

    What’s up with that? Is Jorgie not getting the love from the fans that he deserves?

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    1. festus
      September 22nd, 2007 | 11:13 pm

      Good field work Steve. My stadium experiences in the last 10 years have confirmed the same… Posada gets not nearly enough love. He’s not sexy, he’s kind of goofy lookin, his stats reflect the workaday, grinding aspects of his game, but when all is said and done this guy has been absolutely invaluable to the Yankees (game 7 of the 2003 ALCS always springs first) for a decade. He needs to get more respect, and I bet he eventually will.

    2. snowball003
      September 22nd, 2007 | 11:41 pm

      You know, you’re right. And I was a little upset about it for a few minutes, and then I thought about it and figure out a little bit. the Yankees (or maybe it’s MLB or Majestic? I’m not sure) market people like Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter and even Hideki Matsui more. You can get pink and purple and baby blue Rodriguez and Jeter shirts. You can get green shirts with clovers, and even green jerseys. You can get jerseys for those players (Giambi fits into this one too, I’ve found) that are “fashionable” more than just your standard home and away–that are red or some other form of blue or white. Matsui is an “international” guy, so he gets more stuff too. Melky and Cano are young–so maybe that’s why they get more folks? I am not sure–I don’t really see people wearing them much.

      There’s just more stuff for the other folks, and that’s sad.

      Personally, I really only have the standard jersey with pinstripes, sadly with the name across it as I am too poor to afford the “authentic” jersey and have been trying to figure out a way to get the name off the back without ruining the darn thing, and I have the plain navy blue tshirts. And some of the all-star game tshirts if they excite me. I’m not into the pink or purple or baby blue stuff. So I wear Posada. But I’m one of those people that will only wear a person if I know that person is playing–so as I have the Sunday season ticket plan, and I somehow ended up at quite a few Moose games earlier this season when he wouldn’t allow baby to stay in the corner, I didn’t have the occasion to wear Jorge proudly. But knowing that he is vastly underrepresented, I will now!

      It’s late, and I was at the game all day today, so I might be rambling, so I apologize for that, but this is just my take…

    3. Jen
      September 23rd, 2007 | 3:11 am

      I usually see a few “20” jerseys or Posada shirts in the bleachers. Not a ton, but a few on most days. He doesn’t have the matinee idol appeal that A-Rod and Jeter do I guess (that’s why there aren’t any pink shirts for him.) He plays an unglamorous position and he doesn’t get the attention/respect from the media that he deserves. He’s not flashy, he doesn’t break records, he doesn’t have his own cologne, he wasn’t a rookie sensation who took the city by storm. He just does what he does, day in and day out. And that doesn’t sell many shirts. But, personally I’m not too upset over that. I think it makes those Posada t-shirts and “20” jerseys a little more special.

      And snowball, have you looked in Stan’s for an “authentic” jersey? They have them with no name and I believe they are cheaper than at the Stadium stores. I don’t know if they are official jerseys, but they don’t have names on the back.

    4. snowball003
      September 23rd, 2007 | 9:35 pm

      Jen: that’s actually where I bought it. Someone suggested I go there and I asked if they had any without a name and the only ones without the names were still quite a bit pricier than the ones with the names. Maybe I caught them at a bad time.

      I was sitting in front of a girl today who was IN LOVE with Johnny Damon. It was the funniest thing. Her boyfriend showed some love for number 20 though. They did that thing where you could send a text message and have it show up on the little mini score board thing–he put up “my girlfriend loves Johnny Damon more than she loves me.” She retaliated, “my boyfriend loves Jorge Posada more than he loves me.” I’m not sure if they ended up on the board, but I felt happy for Jorge.

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