• September 21st vs. The Blue Jays

    Posted by on September 22nd, 2007 · Comments (4)

    I called it – extra innings.

    Ugh. What a long night in the South Bronx. (Yes, unlike thirty-something thousand people, I stayed for the whole game.)

    You cannot lose this game after that ninth inning miracle comeback – not to mention the date, the standings, etc.

    You just cannot lose this game. But, they did.

    Well, at the least, it was a preview of what you will see if the Yankees have to use Edwar “Boom Boom” Ramirez and/or Brian “The American Armando Benitez” Bruney in a post-season game this year. (And, if you think I’m being unfair on Edwar, let me remind you that he’s allowed 6 homers this season in the bigs over 17 games – while facing 87 batters.)

    Lastly, regarding the Yankee Stadium cam-crew choosing “Harlan from Nebraska” for the “Match Game” on the big screen out in right (above the bleachers) – where he had to find the two numbers that had “Joba Chamberlain” behind them – well, guys, please, enough with the Harlan Chamberlain stuff. It’s played, dude. Way played.

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    1. MJ
      September 22nd, 2007 | 7:29 am

      I watched the whole game until the 8th inning, dozed off, and then woke up in the 10th. I rubbed my eyes for a few seconds because I couldn’t believe they managed to tie it up. I then watched the next 4 innings of futile Yankee at-bats, swinging at first-pitch balls and generally refusing to get into deep counts against Toronto’s relievers. Oh well, occasionally the patient Yankee hitters get into a week-long funk where they just won’t work the opponent’s pitch count.

      I agree, Edwar is either great or hittable and never in between. As for Bruney, true he hasn’t been good this year. But the pitch he threw to Zaun wasn’t a bad one. Zaun golfed it over the fence and you just gotta tip your hat to a hitter that can take a low pitch like that and put it out of the park.

      A crappy game to lose, especially when that asshole Beckett locks up his Cy Young. What are you gonna do…Toronto helped us this week so it’s not like you’re going to expect them to roll over for us. We’d be howling if they rolled over for Boston so we’ve gotta just work harder to beat them.

      Side note: what the hell was Posada thinking, trying to score on that in the 7th inning? The second-slowest guy on our team after Molina is thinking that he can score on a ball hit no more than 150 feet from home? Lousy.

    2. MRT
      September 22nd, 2007 | 9:06 am

      With both Detroit and the Sox winning earlier in the evening it was certainly not a game the Boys could afford to lose. Yet they did claw back in the 9th so if anything there was something redeeming to take out of it. Then again if Edwar ‘Byung Yung’ Ramirez doesn’t groove a BP dinger to Rios they win the freakin game!

      Re the ad nauseum Harlan stuff, the man is my cousin once removed and I too am done with it. Granted, dude won’t return my calls so maybe that has something to do it with it, but c’mon media, find another angle! Oh yeah, nice to see Joba the Heat gas guys with the fastball for a change.

      Today should be a 9-2 Yanks win, the 2 coming in the first off Phil as is his wont.

    3. Pete
      September 22nd, 2007 | 9:52 am

      >> Today should be a 9-2 Yanks win, the 2 coming in the first off Phil as is his wont. >>

      It’s Clemens today.

    4. MRT
      September 22nd, 2007 | 10:13 am

      >> It’s Clemens today >>

      Uh, not after tweaking his hammy… So feel free to fill in 2 runs in the 1st for the Jays and none thereafter, unless Henn and Britton used!

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