• September 25th @ The Devil Rays

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    So, now, the Yankees are 8-8 this year against the Devil Rays – the team with baseball’s worst record.

    The arson twins did it again. Last Friday, I wrote:

    Well, at the least, it was a preview of what you will see if the Yankees have to use Edwar “Boom Boom” Ramirez and/or Brian “The American Armando Benitez” Bruney in a post-season game this year.

    So, that’s twice in the last five games for Ramirez and Bruney. I think we’ve seen enough – and they should be sent packing for October.

    With this loss, the Yankees can forget about catching Boston – and even the Indians and Angels too. There’s just not enough time to match their win totals. It’s time to just limp into the post-season…too bad.

    Lastly, where were all those D-Ray relievers who were so good at blowing games to the Red Sox recently? I would have liked to have seen some of that happen for New York last night too. Why did the Rays decide to start pitching better out of the pen now?

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    1. The Scout
      September 26th, 2007 | 8:13 am

      Here’s the sad truth: the Yankees have only three reliable bullpen arms — Rivera, Chamberlain, and Vizcaino. That’s why, barring some remarkable trade, Joba will spend 2008 in the bullpen. Whether and when he returns to starting will depend on whether other bullpen help can be secured. Torre isn’t the only one who doesn’t trust Ramirez, Brittan, Bruney, Henn, Valone, Karstens.

    2. RICH
      September 26th, 2007 | 8:38 am

      ~It’s time to just limp into the post-season…too bad.~

      Yes, because 2000 showed that the Yanks limping to the end of the season is just so terrible.

      By the way, with 5 games left what if the Yankees win all of the remaining games – will that give you pause because things are going too well? If they lose the remaining 5, as long as Detroit loses 1, how will that affect the upcoming playoff series? It sure screwed up Detroit last year.

      Like yesterday’s “contact” study I don’t see how one thing affects anything else – it’s just a convenient story to be written after the fact.

      Regardless of how any team finishes the season there’s reason for it to be apprehensive facing a good team in a short series because all of the teams remaining are good despite their flaws.

    3. September 26th, 2007 | 8:53 am

      Rich – I think you miss the point on how important home field is to the Yankees – check the stats – esp. on Clemens and Wang.

      They had a shot at home field, and then blew it with the losses on Friday, Monday, and yesterday.

      That’s what I mean by limping it out.

    4. JeremyM
      September 26th, 2007 | 9:01 am

      Luckily, we still have a week to get Bruney “right” according to Torre. Myself, I’ve seen enough of him as well as Ramirez.

      Also, I hope Matsui decides to show up for October on a hot streak, because when he’s cold, he’s ice cold. We’re going to need someone to catch fire or A-Rod is going to get pitched around like crazy.

    5. baileywalk
      September 26th, 2007 | 9:30 am

      As a Yankee fan, I just want to thank Michael Kay for his no-one-can-call-you-a-homer-anymore, multiorgasmic home run calls for the Devil Rays. Way to go, Kay.

      Yankees lost in extras to the Jays and the Rays and I really just hope negativity doesn’t start to creep in. You kind of feel it already. I think it was nice to close in on Boston, but we were never going to catch them. I didn’t think we would, anyway.

      I don’t really understand why Torre went with Karstens — unless he really felt this game was meaningless. When one run wins the game, you don’t want Scary Flyball Guy out there. Karstens gives up a lot of hits and is an extreme flyball pitcher. Not a good combo in the bottom of an inning in extras. But at least he gave it up to a legit power threat and not a light-hitting catcher. Hmm, wait a minute…

      At the sake of offending ethics-board chairperson Jen, I also want to thank Peter Abraham for blasting “one-trick pony” Edwar and Bruney, who are apparently favorites of “the stat geeks.” If he means people who admired Edwar’s supernatural strikeout numbers in AAA, I guess we’re all stat geeks. (He really means noMaas, who point out his ego all the time.) Weirdly, Bruney got the ball down for a change last night. And Edwar… well, let’s see — he has a devastating changeup, his fastball is low 90s, he’s only 26, he’ll probably pick up a few ticks on that fastball since he’s currently about ten pounds in his cleats, he’s legitimately a prospect, and even with his recent struggles he still has 29 strikeouts in 19 innings. So no, I haven’t seen enough of Edwar. I would understand if he didn’t make the post-season roster, but why give up on this guy? His AAA numbers were insane. He’s shown he can strike major-league hitters out. Maybe he’s simply not a finished product. But you’re telling me he can’t be as good as, say, Dan friggin’ Wheeler?

      Joe drops everyone in the lineup when they struggle: Giambi, Abreu — ahem — A-Rod. Why not Matsui? As it’s been noted again and again, he’s a streaky hitter. Right now he looks pretty awful. Why continue to bat him behind A-Rod?

    6. baileywalk
      September 26th, 2007 | 9:35 am

      Joba will spend 2008 in the bullpen. Whether and when he returns to starting will depend on whether other bullpen help can be secured. Torre isn’t the only one who doesn’t trust Ramirez, Brittan, Bruney, Henn, Valone, Karstens.

      There are too many options for this to happen, I think. It’s possible, since you have to figure both Hughes and Kennedy will be vying for rotation spots too, but I’ve loved what I’ve seen from Ohlendorf (he has to be a strong candidate for the bullpen next year), and there are a ton of minor-league options as well. J.B. Cox will be healthy next year, Sanchez is coming back, Steven White is an option for the ‘pen, David Robertson continued to dominate the minors (including AA), Kevin Whelan finished really strong.

      There’s also the possibility of a trade, as you noted.

      I think there are simply too many options to just assume, right now, that Joba will be a reliever next year.

    7. yankees76
      September 26th, 2007 | 11:04 am

      Steve, it’s disappointing that the Yankees look unlikely to catch the Red Sox. Catching the Angels or Indians does not matter, at least in the first round, for the Wild Card team, and doesn’t matter in the World Series, as the AL representative secured homefield advantage when the AL won the All-Star Game.

      I agree about Wang at home, certainly, and Clemens, too, but I believe Joe’s plan is to start Wang in Game 3 at home in the ALDS.

      Lastly, you are talking about the hottest team in baseball since the All-Star Break, and although the Rays give them trouble, they have been playing well in late-August and September, too, against better competition than they faced immediately after the All-Star Break.

      They are not “limping” into the Post-Season.

    8. September 26th, 2007 | 2:03 pm

      dont give up on edwar yet. he just has to refine his command, a common problem among rookies. that being said, i dont want him on the postseason roster.

      does farnsy enter the ‘reliable reliever’ group now? personally, i dont know. he was dominant last night – could the windup have THAT much effect?

      i’d like to see more of ohlendorf this week to determine if he should join the LDS roster. i was surprised joe didnt use him at all last night.

      oh, and the sight of brian bruney makes me sick. it’s not just the grandslam, but the 2 walks that preceeded it.

    9. Josh
      September 26th, 2007 | 4:28 pm

      Last night was a textbook example of managing your way out of what should have been an easy win. Why fool around with AAA pitchers when we could have wrapped up a playoff spot? And, hey, Wayne Franklin wasn’t available?

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