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    From the Cincinnati Enquirer

    Two weeks ago, Joe Girardi was in Orlando, Fla., huddling with coaches at the general managers’ meetings to plan spring training for the Yankees. Last week, he was in the Dominican Republic at the team’s new academy, viewing tryouts and speaking to the players, some as young as 16.

    Joe Torre was often the only manager in the majors to skip the winter meetings. Girardi, meanwhile, is everywhere. The Yankees are not used to such offseason activity from their manager, but they like it.

    “That’s the whole point,” Yankees vice president Hank Steinbrenner said. “He’s an organization guy. He’ll work with the entire organization. He’ll be involved with Brian Cashman and the other people in the baseball office, including the scouts. He went down to the Dominican, of his own choosing, so the kids down there could get a chance to meet him.

    “That’s going to be his level of involvement. That’s the way he is, and we think he’s going to be a great manager to boot. We have very high hopes for Joe.”

    General Joe’s Army should be fun to watch this year. As much as I hate to say this, because I am also getting older, I think having a younger manager with more energy is going to help the team.

    Torre, when he was in his fifties, meaning before 2001, seemed to have more energy than when he was in his sixties. The older Joe seemed to rely on players like Cano and Melky to energize the team.

    Girardi, at 43, now, will not have to rely on a player to light a fire under the team. He’s got more than enough energy – as his work to date shows – for the team to feed on next year.

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    1. Tex Antoine
      November 25th, 2007 | 12:32 pm

      Let’s be honest: Torre in the last five years was basically stealing money from this franchise. He was clearly more interested in humping his charity, doing his Bigelow tea ads, and tooling around the city in his Mercedes than he was in winning a championship. That lax attitude infected the entire club. The fish rots from the head down.

    2. Exit9
      November 25th, 2007 | 12:59 pm

      I am hoping that Girardi will have the team much better prepared for the start of the season than the last few years woth Torre where we basically dug a great big hole and spent the rest of the season struggling to climb out of it.

    3. redbug
      November 25th, 2007 | 2:56 pm

      The hole dug at the beginning of last season, at least, was by the lack of any decent pitching. Remember who was the opening day pitcher?

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