• This Friday Is Johan Free Day @ WW

    Posted by on November 30th, 2007 · Comments (0)

    Over the last four days, I think that I’ve provided some “Johan Santana” related commentary here at least a dozen times – probably more. And, with reports coming now in what seems like every hour, I could easily keep up that pace on the Santana material. But, today, I decided to take a break on Johan before my mind turns to mush (because of all the reports, stories, rumors, etc.). It’s like chasing a chicken – it’s all moving so quickly and in so many different and chaotic directions.

    If an actual Santana trade is made today – or if there’s any other major breaking news on him – I’ll chime in on that. However, in the interim, I’m declaring today to be a “Johan Free Day” at WasWatching.com.

    Ah, serenity now…

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