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    The Yankees schedule this season, in terms of home games, is a bit funky.

    In March/April, the Yankees only play 11 home games – compared to 18 on the road. And, in those 18 road games, they have to go to Boston, Chicago, and Cleveland (among other stops). New York better be more ready to play well, out of the gate, this season – compared to last year.

    In May, the Yankees have 16 home games – compared to 12 on the road. But, in those 16 home games, they get to play the Mariners, Indians, and Mets (among other teams). Those teams will be up for their trips to the Bronx.

    In June, the Yankees have 14 home games – compared to 14 on the road. This month is a mixed bag for the Yanks – as they get to play the A’s, Royals, Pirates and Houston in some games – but, they also have to play the Padres, Mets, Blue Jays and Twins in some others. June could be a key month for the Yankees this season.

    In July, the Yankees have 18 home games – compared to just six on the road. When you throw in the fact that the All-Star Game is at the Stadium this year, the Yankees will barely be out of the Bronx in July. Let’s hope they like home-cooking. Plus, after July, it seems like the Yankees will barely be in New York this year.

    In August, the Yankees have 12 home games – compared to 16 on the road. And, one of their road trips is a 10-game journey going from Texas to Oakland to Minnesota. In fact, in this month, the Yankees play the Angels six times, the Red Sox three times, and the Blue Jays six times. August is going to be the dog days for the Yanks this year, indeed.

    In September, the Yankees have just 10 home games – compared to 15 games on the road. And, all those 10 home games come in a row, from September 12th through September 21st. The Yankees start this month with a road trip that’s a 9-game journey from Tampa Bay to Seattle to Los Angeles. And, the Yankees close this month with three games in Toronto followed by three games in Boston. September, schedule-wise, looks even worse for New York than August.

    So, in summary, the Yankees have a somewhat tough road in the first two months of the season, followed by two months that should be kind to them, and, then, they close the season with two months that appear to be all uphill.

    The best bet for the Yankees this season: Be ready to play strong out of the chute during April and May, make hay in June and July, and try and survive August and September.

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    1. j
      January 21st, 2008 | 12:53 pm

      If they hadn’t played like absolute crap the first two months of the season (granted they had some injuries, but Damon and Abreu were no where to be found) the 2007 team might have won 98 or 99 games and the AL East. You’re right Steve, I can’t handle another early summer of “don’t worry, they’ll turn it around.” No more 21-29, 11-19 starts, please.

    2. brockdc
      January 21st, 2008 | 1:25 pm

      “And, in those 18 road games, they have to go to Boston, Chicago, and Cleveland (among other stops).”

      Wow. A parka and thermal gloves might become as useful as a glove and bat. You’d think that after the past few years of frigid weather (and, in some cases, blizzard-like conditions), MLB would wise up and start scheduling more early season games in warmer climes.

    3. Raf
      January 21st, 2008 | 4:33 pm

      Then you’ll have the teams in the colder climes bitching and moaning…

    4. Yu Hsing Chen
      January 21st, 2008 | 8:20 pm

      could they FINALLY have a good start to the season? it’s like 3 strait season where they played like utter dog poop out of the gate

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