• Dan McCutchen Mislabled As PED User

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    Peter Abraham confirms what Sarah shared back in 2006 – Dan McCutchen got a bum rap and was not busted for using PEDs.

    Some more on this prospect from Peter’s report:

    Counting the Eastern League playoffs, McCutchen was 16-4 with a 2.59 ERA last season for Class A Tampa and Class AA Trenton.

    “They call him ‘Danimal’ because he’s so aggressive on the mound,” Trenton pitching coach Scott Aldred said. “He’s a competitor who likes to play the game. He’s high energy, sort of like Joba.”

    Said McCutchen: “I have a split personality when I get on the mound. I probably need to rein that in a little.”

    General manager Brian Cashman said McCutchen didn’t lose any stature within the organization because of the suspension. McCutchen was even invited to spend a week in New York near the end of last season so he could get acclimated to Yankee Stadium.

    “There’s a game plan for everybody, but some guys move themselves, and he’s one of those,” Cashman said. “He’s a starter for now but we believe he does have the ability to relieve. Once we get more performance indicators, we’ll see where he fits. But we like him.”

    We could be seeing McCutchen in the Bronx some time this season. Considering the road he’s had to travel, it will be easy to root for him.

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