• Mahler: Oedipus Bronx

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    Jonathan Mahler has a very good feature in the Times on the Brothers Stein. Click here to read it. An interesting snip with the bad and good news:

    The biggest issue the Yankees face is potential sibling rivalries, particularly between the two brothers, and Hank’s outspokenness has inevitably triggered speculation about the possibility of resentment. “Observing some of the things Hank has been saying, he has a disconcerting tendency to speak in the first-person singular,” one of the limited partners told me. “When George does that, that’s one thing, but when you’re in a situation where there’s a family transition going on, for one of four siblings to speak like that can produce issues.”

    The interests of the brothers’ informal fiefdoms — business and baseball — will inevitably collide. Indeed, they already have in the case of Johan Santana, whom Hank seemed desperate to land.

    The Yankees organization clearly recognizes the precariousness of this power-sharing arrangement. After I interviewed Randy Levine, he called Rubenstein to express concern that my story was going to focus too much on Hank. And without any prompting, Jennifer told me how well her two brothers were working together: “They’re complementing each other perfectly. Together they’re just clicking.”

    However things play out among the Steinbrenner siblings, however tempting it may be for Yankee haters to indulge in dark, King Lear-like fantasies of family discord tearing apart the Yankee kingdom, it’s worth remembering that the franchise has almost always been a model of dysfunction under the Steinbrenners.

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