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    Yesterday evening, we launched the first ever WasWatching.com Reader Survey.

    Thanks to all who have responded to date! And, if you haven’t taken the survey yet, please consider taking it. The survey will be up and open for a few more days, at the least.

    The data received back so far from the survey is very informative, interesting, helpful and appreciated! While I expect to share some findings once the survey is closed, in the interim, I thought some of you may be interested in the first 50 “answers” to the survey question “What do you like best and least about WasWatching.com?

    As I said, this type of feedback is extremely useful to me. Thanks to all for taking the time to share. Now, see what some have to say about what they like best and least about WasWatching.com:

    Steve tells it like it is. He doesn’t sugar-coat things and praise Cash like he’s the messiah as others do.

    I really enjoy the unique perspective and the realistic analysis. I dig all the stats work, too. Dislikes: inane comments from others who don’t agree with Steve et al, but that will never stop me from reading it way too often. Write more!

    I am a die-hard Yankee fan from Toronto. There isn’t a lot of Pinstripe love up here, so this blog is breath of fresh air. My favorite blog!

    Not enough coverage of Hideki Matsui. Too much emphasis on historical data which is not very relevant in this era.

    Best is the constant updating, I come here first for my Yankee news. I think your readers would like to know more about you, you should do a post about that.

    Best – frequency, variation, and concision of posts. Least – analysis of pitching.

    I’d have to say that the thing I like least about WW is the website itself, the colors and layout are harsh. I’m not asking for pastels or anything, but I think the right idea is black text on a white background in the news area and then a soothing blue background elsewhere. Content-wise, this place is amazing.

    BEST: lots of content LEAST: can’t really think of anything

    Good content. Updated daily or more.

    Unlike the man your site is named for you are not complete homers. Sometimes I think you’re too negative toward Yankee players and front office, but that helps balance out the other Yankee sites out there. If it wasn’t for Bill White telling it like it was, the Scooter would have been really hard to take.

    Best – updated very frequently, lots of links, good discussions in comments (this seems to have been tailing off of late, however… but I’m waiting for the season to begin before passing judgment as to whether or not this indicates that the site has fundamentally changed. I certainly miss the more substantive and intimate debates of yesteryear) Worst – Steve’s hatred for Phil and A-rod.

    I love passionate NYY fans (best). As only a “light” reader/follower of BP, sometimes the statistical analysis goes over my head and bores me (least).

    Best-analysis & opinion. Least-stats.

    Best- author’s passion Worst – author’s second-guessing of team

    You are very informative and thought provoking. Sometimes some of your articles are boring. It is hard to tell who the articles/stories are written by.

    I love the perspective. I hate the commenting system.

    Best – the frequency of the posts. I know I can come to this site and Steve is on top of any breaking news. I also really like in general the tone and demeanor of Steve and his simple but effective writing style Least – there is nothing I don’t like. Sorry, I know this is supposed to be constructive/helpful criticism, but I really don’t dislike anything about the site.

    Quite recently, I have been unhappy with how negative the site’s become, with all the doom-saying about young pitchers, and the constant criticism of the GM.

    I enjoy the opinions and posts from Steve Lombardi. They offer something that most Yankee blogs do not and that’s caution. Most blogs sweeten the reality of today’s Yankees MLB club and especially the minor leagues. Steve calls it like he sees it, shares his input, and then defends his material to the reader. By reading the comments, most readers despise Steve for what they call a negative attitude. I just see it as an opinion and go from there. It’s a great forum for conversation about both the good and bad of today’s team. The one thing I would say I least like is comparisons to teams and players from the 70s. I know it’s important to Steve’s analysis, but it was a completely different era for baseball. And I find it difficult to compare relievers and young pitchers from then to now. The handling and preparing of players over the last 40 years is beyond comparisons. However, it’s not something that takes away from this site whatsoever, and I really have no dislike for the site at all. Great Blog.

    I like when you point out Yankees news sources in and around the tri-state area. I dislike when you “hype” yourself. I always imagine your head growing bigger as you speak about your awesomeness.

    I like the short, Quick, Posts, Without having to skim through long-winded posts. I also like the off-the field Stuff about baseball

    You make a lot of examples about things like “well this team couldn’t do it, therefore the Yankees statistically shouldn’t do it.” You also made a lot of “well I just don’t like the guy” types of comments, especially with Cashman. I like the stuff that you back up with hard statistical facts. That’s how I got hooked on the site to begin with.

    I enjoy the commentary on Yankee news and analysis.

    Best: the discussions that take place on the site among the readers. Least (only mentioned because it’s required): the sometimes over-the-top negativity directed at certain players, while favorite (or preferred) players are endlessly praised or made excuses for.

    I love reading the comments by many WW readers. Least, well, the inability to admit when somenone’s wrong.

    I like the statistical research done in order to give context to what some players are doing and what some are going through. I disagree with some of the author’s opinions, but that’s to be expected because it’s his blog.

    Best: Love your comments and opinions on the Yankees and baseball as a “non-blinders” Yankees fan. Least: continually post of the same topic over and over with different titles in it, i.e. Hughes and Cashman.

    The volume of posts is fantastic but not all of them grab my attention and really make me want to read the post. Great job

    I love the frequent posts, and links to papers and blogs that I don’t normally read but might provide a good story. Some of the statistical evidence used to prove points or opinions is sometimes valuable. What I can’t stand is the overly negative tone of the blog. As a pessimistic person I feel like you’re giving us a bad name. It’s almost like you want the Yankees to fail so you can show everyone that you were right. Can these young pitchers fail? Of course, but they’re so talented that it’s impossible not to be excited. After years of watching other teams develop top young talent, we finally have our own. It’s exciting to be a Yankee fan right now, but whenever I visit your site that excitement is usually replaced by disappointment. You run a good site and I enjoy the links to other articles and most of your statistical analysis, but your constant harping on certain subjects just kills me. How Cashman sucks, Phil Hughes won’t be good, and before that your constant, non-stop A-rod articles. Just try to be more balanced. Please.

    To be very honest, I think this site was a lot better up until the recent trend of constant negative comments. Seemingly every day there is a post about “what happens if….” that portends negative things for the Yankees. Many of which are just silly – like the recent “what if posada hits 50 points below his career avg instead of above it like last year”. It’s as an insightful post as “what if arod, jeter, cano, and damon all break their legs in the first week of the season”. Obviously, it will not be good for the Yankees. We get it. We’re not dumb and oblivious to the flip side. its a sport, its supposed to be fun and an escape from more serious things in life (though I do admit some people take sports way too seriously) – so writing constantly negative things is as uninteresting as the stupid things the mainstream media (Post, espn, Daily News, etc) writes. I had actually stopped reading the site because of the recent constant negative tone – but came back because it was entertaining to read the commentary between Steve and those attacking him. That commentary has calmed down, so I would not be surprised if people just gave up reading. I hope this is viewed as constructive comments and not attack comments. I have read this site for a long time, and there were and are some very good posts, but like I said, recently its gotten away from what made it good – your posts are typically different than many other Yankees blogs who just rehash what others are saying.

    I really love Was Watching’s article, opinions, and stats. But I think the most valuable thing about Was Watching is its frequent updates. I love checking the site in the morning, and then in the noon, and then later at night when I get home from work. The thing I like the least about Was Watching is the lack of reader comments. For all the visitors on the site, there is rarely any debates or discussions. I don’t usually even bother to click on the few comments that appear.

    WW is perhaps my favorite of all Yankee blogs … and I read several. It is usually well-written and presents intelligent arguments (even if I don’t always agree: see Cashman). IOW, the commentary gives pause for reflection and sometimes causes me to re-assess. I’m on a learning curve re: statistical analysis so I appreciate the new ability to enjoy (or occasionally despair of) the merits of my team’s players. Can’t think of anything I really dislike. Thanks for your passion and all of your hard work!

    Worst – format/layout of page = kind of boring and hard to capture interest best – news updates and interesting anecdotes from other sources I don’t have the time to look through are awesome

    Your Opinion/Commentary is the best. What I like least are the readers complaining about your opinions. I enjoy the reader comments, but do not like that aspect of it. Despite that, you leave such comments open and you defend yourself. I applaud that. Keep up the great work! I am thoroughly addicted. I check your blog constantly at home and at work. During my morning and evening commute, I am able to view the RSS feed on my mobile phone that way I am always on top of your stories at every moment. This especially livens an otherwise boring train ride.

    I’ve never been able to successfully register to comment. On the flip side that probably left me more time to read other blogs 🙂

    Like the statistical analysis or links to it. The author can be fickle and sometimes forgets that the season is 162 plus games. There is a lot of behind the scenes information that the author does not have and probably never will have. Trying to judge the manager or GM when you do not have all of the facts is an exercise in futility.

    Best : different perspectives on the game (or players) Least : the loudest, most obnoxious readers with the least concern for civility have driven off the more interesting ones and greatly limited the diversity of comments.

    Keep doing what you’re doing.

    Best = Steve’s opinions on the current state of the Yankees. Least = The lack of comments made.

    The pessimism of Steve. I don’t like.

    Reading about information that I usually wouldn’t find in any other blog is what I like best. The least liked thing about WW is the over-the-top doom and gloom articles.

    The best part for me is that I learn news from other sites and papers I would never come across. I have absolutely no use for the new statistics which have become prevalent on this site over the past year. Either just don’t get it, or feel that much too much value has been placed on things that I think are basically useless: for example “ROIIX” or something to that effect. There are too many immeasurables in the game to place that much value on sabermetrics.

    Historical context pieces, stat analysis, news, etc.

    Best – variety of topics and opinions/commentary covered Least – Cashman-bashing

    The best and worst things may actually be one and the same. I appreciate that Steve has solid opinions and stances about issues in Yankeeland, and that drives discussion and creates a great atmosphere because Steve is so articulate. However, it is a bad thing when Steve refuses to back down even when faced with multiple areas of contradiction, and his predictable responses can sometimes take away from the experience.

    The way Steve is obsessed with Cashman – let it go, dude! It sounds like Brian ran over your dog or something. Same thing with Phil Hughes.

    Too pessimistic

    I hate the smart-asses who quickly criticize Steve for his biases & opinions (…because I usually concur with him!).

    Best – Lots of updates. Worst – Too much negativity

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    1. Straylightrise
      March 22nd, 2008 | 2:29 am

      I’ll post what I think of WasWatching:


      Simply the best, I have been reading since day 1 and I admire Steve’s dedication to the greatest team in the world. While stats are not my cup of tea Steve is able to apply the math of the Red Soxs (i know too many Red Soxs fans who swear by Bill James) and provide information that is simply awesome. Thank you Steve!

    2. Steve Lombardi
      March 22nd, 2008 | 8:54 am

      Aw, [blushing], thanks!

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