• Canseco: I Introduced A-Rod To Steroids Dealer

    Posted by on March 25th, 2008 · Comments (2)

    Via Joe Lavin with a hat tip to BaseballThinkFactory.org (who, themselves, give a hat tip to Deadspin):

    As for Alex Rodriguez, Canseco says he didn’t inject Rodriguez, but that he “introduced Alex to a known supplier of steroids.” Canseco didn’t mention Rodriguez in the first book because he “hated the bastard.” He was worried that people would have “questioned [his] motives” had he included Rodriguez.

    Why all the hatred, you ask. Well, Canseco claims that A-Rod was trying to sleep with Canseco’s wife. Apparently, even after Canseco had been nice enough to help A-Rod find a friendly steroids supplier, A-Rod kept calling Canseco’s wife.

    And, in case there’s any further confusion about Canseco’s true feelings, he ends the chapter by saying:

    So A-Rod, if you’re reading this book, and if I’m not getting through to you, let’s get clear on one thing: I hate your f***ing guts.

    Two years ago, Canseco’s wife had a book out – “Juicy: Confessions of a Former Baseball Wife.” I wonder how many people are going to scurry and check that one out to see if there’s any mention of A-Rod? Checking what you can see on Amazon, I noticed that there’s at least one Alex reference. But, what that means, I dunno?

    But, if, former-Hooters girl Jessica (Sekely) Canseco does want some life in the spotlight again, and she comes forward with some confirmation about Alex lusting after her, then you have to wonder if what Jose is saying could be true?

    Then again, A-Rod has an easy out here…as he can just confirm that Canseco did introduce some guy; but, it never went any further than that.

    Update, 5:20 PM ET, 3/25: While some have suggested that this story is a spoof, Joe Lavin has shared with me that it is, indeed, legit.

    Update, 7:05 PM ET, 3/25: On his ESPN Radio show this evening, around 5:15ish, Michael Kay was reading the Canseco book on the air and his reading backed up everything that Lavin said was true – further evidence that this is a legit story.

    Comments on Canseco: I Introduced A-Rod To Steroids Dealer

    1. bfriley76
      March 25th, 2008 | 12:57 pm

      Does admitting he hates A-Rod clear him of the suspicion that he might be lying? I don’t really know. Seems like he might be giving just as much proof of motivation FOR lying as he is for defending his claim.

      Couldn’t you make the argument that he held A-Rod out of the first book because he DIDN’T have anything on him, wanted to establish a little credibility, and then use that to get another book deal and rip A-Rod? I’m not saying that’s the case…I’m just thinking out loud here. Some of the claims in Canseco’s first book ended up holding water, so, as a result, anything he says something you have to stop and give it some consideration. He’s an incredible lowlife though, so even after that, I’m extremely skeptical about anything he says.

      Either way, I’ll be interested to hear A-Rod’s response.

    2. March 25th, 2008 | 1:10 pm

      You know that the site is called Joe Lavin’s HUMOR column, right? It’s not particularly funny, but it’s a parody that everyone has now fallen for.

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