• What People Are Saying About WasWatching.com (Part II)

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    Last Thursday night, we launched the first ever WasWatching.com Reader Survey.

    Thanks to all who have responded to date! And, if you haven’t taken the survey yet, please consider taking it. The survey will be up and open for a few more days, at the least.

    Last Friday, we shared the first 50 “answers” to the survey question “What do you like best and least about WasWatching.com?”

    Wanting to expand on that, what follows are the next 20 “answers” to the survey question “What do you like best and least about WasWatching.com?”

    (Again, this type of feedback is extremely useful. Thanks to all for taking the time to share!)

    I appreciate the fact that you tell it like it is. Despite what I perceive as you being a die hard fan, you present an unbiased account of what you think is going on. You lay the blame where it needs to be. (Non Michael Kay like). Thanks for the great job and keep it up.

    I f**king hate you, Steve. I won’t give you the satisfaction of registering for an account. God, I am so thankful I’m not you. You are such a f**king f**kass. Keep on hating Hughes. If we’re lucky, you’ll eat a tailpipe.

    I like the excerpts from articles that I wouldn’t find elsewhere and the game summaries that offer some commentary beyond the box score. I don’t like the “what do you think, readers?” segments. State your piece. I’d rather you care less what we think.

    Best – By far, no other blog comes close to updating as frequently. Also, enjoy writing style. Least – I don’t think Steve is a basher in any way, but when he doesn’t like someone (for what ever reason it may be), he seems to go out of his way to “prove” he’s right about them (Hughes, A-Rod, Cashman, etc.). When he gets on a roll about these topics, it can certainly give the blog a negative/bashing kind of feel.

    I like the opinions, statistical analysis, and comments. I don’t like when people who comment get all bent out of shape because they disagree with an opinion, instead of debating it in a more calm fashion.

    It is my favorite Yankees blog out of all of them. Keep it going!

    A little too pessimistic usually but always intelligently written and updated promptly.

    Personally, I don’t usually read the user comments and stick to just the blog posts themselves; I come to the site to read the blog writers’ perspectives, opinions, and news scoops. I like the fact that the site is updated regularly and links off to various news sources, and I do appreciate the color commentary and opinions — if I wanted just the news I’d stick to just yankees.com and ESPN’s news wire!

    I enjoy the behind the scenes coverage and info that you don’t get from typical sports news sources.

    I find Steve’s opinions very interesting and well worth reading. I don’t care for the negative tone of some of the readers. Steve is sometimes bluntly honest which can have negative overtones but it’s always his honest opinion and that counts. The readers ought to respond with their opinions and defend their positions, not just knock Steve.

    Best — The author’s personal views on the Yankees very much come through to a greater extent than most other sports blogs. Least — Probably the flip side of the above – Steve is so “glass half-empty” that it can get a little depressing.

    Great site, but a little negative on opinions of certain players.

    Best: Facts and history. Worst: Consistently bigoted comments.

    Your opinion on Yankee News.

    The frequency and variety of topics posted is the best thing. Not only the news, but also research and opinion from other sources like Yankee blogs, general baseball blogs, and newspapers from around the country. The worst thing is the frequent criticism, both directly and by inference, of Cashman’s pitching acquisitions, which when examined in complete context, especially at the time they were made, are not nearly as bad as portrayed.

    It’s so pessimistic. Sometimes that’s a good thing, but I get weary after the billionth anti-Mike Mussina post.

    The best part of the blog is Steve’s commentary. I don’t always agree, but I appreciate his viewpoint. The worst part is the overly negative and childish comments from posters who disagree with Steve. Many post just so they can hurl insults while adding absolutely nothing to the discussion.

    I like the constant updates and the different posts about the Yankees. I don’t like some of the player comparisons that are made.

    Best: 1) The most unique stories 2) The best blend of sabermetrics, game discussion threads, and slice-of-life topics on the internet. 3) The core group of readers/commenters Worst: Author/staff has a tendency to nitpick or overreport negative slants and holds biases rooted in paranoia instead of fact or logic.

    Stays current with a wide source of Yankee info.

    I like the commentary everyone brings to the table. For the worst, sometimes I really don’t like the blast from the past posts.

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