• April 8th @ The Royals

    Posted by on April 8th, 2008 · Comments (2)

    Some might want to talk about the Yankees lack of sleep for this game. Others might want to cite the weather conditions. Or, perhaps some might want to talk about the homeplate umpire’s strike zone. But, the fact of the matter is, bottom line, it was just not the Yankees day today – and it was a much better day to be a Kansas City Royal.

    File this one under: Sometimes You Get the Bear, Sometimes the Bear Gets You.

    You just hope the Yankees can shake it off and have a better showing tomorrow.

    I had a chance to listen to some of this game on X-M Radio during the drive home this evening. (Thank you I-287 traffic.) Since it was a Royals’ home game, X-M was carrying the Kansas City broadcast with Denny Matthews and Bob Davis.

    Man, I could just picture those two sitting on a front porch, somewhere, in rocking chairs, wearing short-sleeve dress shirts and slacks, with suspenders – along with a pitcher of lemonade at their side – doing the broadcast of the game. It was as if Harry Doyle and Archie Long got a gig to broadcast a game. It’s sooooooo much different than listening to John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman.

    I’m not sure if it’s better or worse – but, for sure, it’s different.

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    1. Jeb
      April 8th, 2008 | 8:30 pm

      I listened to them today too. They are horribly monotone, but they call a fair game — no favoritism. At one point a Royals’ batter got a strike called on him for taking his swing too far. At that moment I was also watching on MLB TV and swear that he didn’t come close to going around. Both of the Royals guys thought he swung. They really showed little favortism for their hometown team. Maybe that’s a broadcast philosophy for that team.

      I like Sterling. He’s a homer, but he’s not as bad as Mike Shannon who cheers “Get out Get out!!!!” for every cards homer or that idiot for the Chisox (the Hawk?) who says, “He gone” everytime someone for the opposing team k’s. Jim Palmer is bad for the O’s always bitching about the Yanks payroll (though I may be mixing TV and radio).

    2. festus
      April 8th, 2008 | 10:47 pm

      Heh, I listened to the Royals guys too. I specifically avoided Sterling and Waldmyn on mlb.com, I just can’t stand either of them at this point, and if the other feed is not too homerish I’ll go to them on mlb.com. I love the dry stuff and hate bluster, so unsurprisingly I thought the Royals guys were great, like listening to a minor league game on a crackling radio. I enjoyed it right up until the point the Yankees stunk up the joint and I had to turn the whole damn thing off.

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