• April 9th @ The Royals

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    Where do you start on an evening like this one?

    O.K., first, I was 100% down with General Joe’s call to open up with the pen and to save Ian Kennedy for later in the game (for when it looked like it would not be a rainout). In fact, I suggested using this plan for yesterday’s game with Phil Hughes. So, either the Yankees are following current events in baseball, or, they’re reading this blog. Either way, two thumbs up to them for paying attention in some manner.

    Next, on the Morgan Ensberg and Shelley Duncan bait and switch move to open up a spot for Alberto Gonzalez…well, it sounds like the Yankees tried to pull a fast one there. I’m not sure if Ensberg or the league called them on it. But, if it was the former, Morgan didn’t win himself any fans with the Yankees “brain trust” – more than likely. Personally, the whole Morgan Ensberg scene is starting to get a “Todd Zeile 2003” vibe to it for me. Maybe it’s time to rethink that roster spot?

    Now, to the result of today’s rain-soaked contest.

    Yes, I know the Yankees have run into a hot K.C. team and an equally hot Zach Greinke. Also, I realize that Jeter and Posada are out of the line-up. And, I know that the Yankees are probably tired from having to play a day game yesterday, on the road in a new time-zone, after a night game, at home, the day before…but…still

    …the “Bombers” have scored only 25 runs in 9 games this season – and some of those 25 runs were handed to them. Where, oh, where, have the Yankees bats gone? Oh, where, oh, where, can they be?

    According to Tyler Kepner:

    It is [the Yanks’] slowest start on offense since 1989, when they scored 24 runs in their first nine games for Dallas Green en route to an 87-loss season. They are hitting only .167 (11 for 66) with runners in scoring position.

    When you see that, it’s amazing that they’ve won 4 of their 9 games played this season. How’s that for ending on a positive note?

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    1. Straylightrise
      April 10th, 2008 | 12:00 am

      April 9th!

      I think its safe to say that for the past 4 years we have come to know that April, especially Early April, is not the appropriate time to evaluate a team’s future.

      But, to not be able to put more than 4 runs on the board is strange. The Yankees need to start thinking about having a set number of runs a night regardless of who the pitcher is – I’m not worried yet if we were losing games by like 6-7 to 9 runs early in the game I’d be concerned. Our pitching has been fine and our bats will wake up.

    2. Raf
      April 10th, 2008 | 3:41 am

      It’s Torre’s fault?

    3. MJ
      April 10th, 2008 | 8:59 am

      Sorry, this isn’t Morgan Ensberg’s fault. Whoever the paintywaist is that doesn’t have the balls to DL one of Giambi/Jeter/Posada needs to have his head examined. Why weaken the bench by losing Shelley Duncan (who should’ve been around to PH for Giambi’s pathetic final AB vs. Jimmy Gobble with 2 on and 1 out)? The DL is there for a reason and the Yanks should’ve used it.

      Beyond that, the game was…whatever. The offense hasn’t clicked yet but I’m not worried. The Yanks seem to stink in April no matter who the manager is and they clawed back from 14.5 games back last year to make the playoffs. Talk to me in June if the Yanks still look like shit. Until then, I’m just happy that Kennedy was able to improve a little bit.

    4. Raf
      April 10th, 2008 | 9:59 am

      Talk to me in June if the Yanks still look like shit.
      Yeah, I’m not going to worry until they’re close to being mathematically eliminated.

    5. #15
      April 10th, 2008 | 11:16 am

      Giambi is just killing us. A-Rod is getting on, Matsui is getting on, and Giambi is killing innings. I’d much rather see Shelly or Ensberg in there. All that stuff about how hard he worked in the off season, how he was in great shape, etc… he starts flailing at the plate, refusing to push the ball against the grain of the shift, then he gets a panthom injury so he can claim he’s not 100%? Time to move on. And no, it’s not based on the first 9 games of the season, he’s a shell of a player now and taking up a roster spot.

    6. baileywalk
      April 10th, 2008 | 1:06 pm

      This is like watching a rerun of last year. The starters didn’t give any length and the bullpen was pushed to its limit. Guys like Bruney threw a ton of (effective) innings, but then fell apart. All sorts of injuries happened. The offense was dead early on. I guess it wasn’t all about Torre, after all.

      I was kind of amused last night by Peter Abraham’s assertion that Girardi’s big mistake was using Farnsworth for a second inning. Apparently in Pete Abraham-land, you can win a game tied 0-0.

      But you know, as soon as the Royals scored those runs, I just threw up my hands and said “It’s over.” I can’t believe we’re at the point where two runs seems insurmountable.

      I agree Giambi hasn’t looked that good, but Ensberg isn’t the answer. I don’t even know why he’s on the team. That guy will probably never hit well again on the big-league level. And of course, as MJ pointed out, the night Shelley (unnecessarily) gets shipped to AAA, a perfect opportunity arises for him to pinch-hit.

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