• April 22nd @ The White Sox

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    Time of the Game: 3:44. Maybe I was just really tired; but, this game seemed longer than that. Not much longer, but, I would have bet (without looking) that it was at least a four hour (nine inning) game. Nice milestone for Wang who hung in there, well, in this one. Via the AP:

    In his 85th career start, Wang became the quickest major leaguer to record 50 wins as a starter since Dwight Gooden got No. 50 in his 82nd start for the Mets on June 29, 1986, against the Cubs. Wang is also the fastest Yankees starter to 50 wins since Ron Guidry got there in his 82nd start in 1979 against Texas.

    Impressive, huh? By the way, Wang is on pace to win 25 games this season. Yeah, I know it’s early – but, wouldn’t that be something?

    Actually, this is a huge win for the Yankees, in my mind. Basically, because of the questions around Mussina, Hughes and Kennedy, New York almost has to win when Pettitte and Wang get the start. So, job well done – and, of course, thank you Octavio Dotel for putting the ball on a tee for Bobby Abreu in the 7th (as that pretty much was the ballgame, right there).

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    1. Raf
      April 23rd, 2008 | 9:47 am

      Impressive, huh?
      Especially considering the different approach to pitching Gooden & Wang have 🙂

      So, did Girardi win the game, or Guillen lose it?

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