• Walkoffs, Last Licks, And Final Outs

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    Recently, I’ve been reading “Walkoffs, Last Licks, and Final Outs: Baseball’s Grand (and Not-So-Grand) Finales” by Bill Chuck and Jim Kaplan.

    Bill Chuck is the man behind Billy-Ball.com and Jim Kaplan is a former writer for Sports Illustrated who has authored (or co-authored) several other books.

    With “Walkoffs, Last Licks, and Final Outs,” Chuck and Kaplan take a look at the greatest post-season races and World Series games of all-time, the final moments for many Hall-of-Famers, the last games played at ballparks now gone, some famous streaks in baseball history, players who passed away while in active duty, and a slew of other “last” baseball trivia type items.

    For a baseball fanatic, “Walkoffs, Last Licks, and Final Outs” is a fun little book. I’ve enjoyed thumbing through the pages and reading it in a pick and choose type fashion.

    Chuck and Kaplan have done a great job compiling the information for this book. If you’re looking to add a unique reference material to your baseball library, or, if you want to get an original and entertaining gift for the baseball fan in your life, I recommend that you pick up a copy of “Walkoffs, Last Licks, and Final Outs: Baseball’s Grand (and Not-So-Grand) Finales.”

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