• April 30th vs. The Tigers

    Posted by on April 30th, 2008 · Comments (8)

    From top to bottom, inside and out, backwards and forwards, this team needs some energy. Somehow, they need to get a spark.

    Right now, they’re just blah.

    Go ahead, blame the schedule. Or, blame the weather. Or, blame injuries. Heck, blame whatever. But, at the end of the day, all of those things are excuses.

    This is now the 5th year in a row where the Yankees April has not been impressive. Granted, in the four years before this one, New York has rebounded to post a very good win total on the season. Can they do it again?

    Well, let’s put it this way: If the Yankees month of May turns out just as poor as their month of April, I wouldn’t want to bet on them making the post-season this year. Heck, they barely made it last year.

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    1. baileywalk
      May 1st, 2008 | 12:04 am

      This team is so boring it’s not even funny. You’re being kind to say they need energy. They are dead. If Bonderman didn’t forget how to throw a strike in the first inning, they would have been shut out easily. They just seem to be sleepwalking. And Kay said something about how the Yankees can’t play “woe is me” because of the injuries, but they seemed dead even when Posada and A-Rod were around.

      They’re lucky to be only a game under .500 right now. Frankly, this offense is a joke at the moment, and without A-Rod around they have no power whatsoever.

      Everyone keeps saying “the offense will warm up,” but will it? And if Pettitte pitches like he did his last two starts, then they’re down to one reliable pitcher.

      Just a really bad first month.

    2. Rich
      May 1st, 2008 | 12:15 am

      Call up Gardner?

    3. baileywalk
      May 1st, 2008 | 12:34 am

      Call up Gardner?

      At whose expense?

    4. Rich
      May 1st, 2008 | 12:59 am

      At whose expense?

      They don’t need 13 pitchers, so there’s the spot on the 25 man roster. As for PT, Damon has played 1B, although not necessarily well. Sit Giambi and put Gardner in LF for a while.

      I admit I’m grasping for straws, but I identified with a word you used in your post above: boring.

      I rarely channel surf when the score is close, but I found myself doing that tonight because I didn’t think that the Yankees had any chance of making a comeback.

      They need a spark.

    5. Don
      May 1st, 2008 | 2:56 am

      The new Joe, eh?

    6. Joel
      May 1st, 2008 | 9:02 am

      Don–The media/blogosphere “reassessment” of the Torre Era in light of “what we now know” about the Yankees is coming to a theater near you.

      Stay tuned.

    7. TurnTwo
      May 1st, 2008 | 9:25 am

      i agree… the team is just flat, which is something i never thought i’d hear myself say under the Joe Girardi regime, and especially in the first month of the season.

      i’m not worried about the record coming out of April, because there isnt one team who has pulled away from the rest, but when you look at the direction, tendencies, and potential from the teams ahead of the yankees right now, you have to think if they dont at least get the team going in the right direction, and quickly, Cashman might be selling at the deadline.

      problem is that i dont particularly see what can be fixed, other than expect the starting pitchers to log more innings, Posada and ARod to get healthy, and Cano to remember he’s supposed to be a good hitter.

      while i like Gardner, its not likely you’ll see Girardi sit Damon and Matsui in LF to let him play… and its obvious Giambi is going to play, whether we like it as fans or not.

    8. antone
      May 1st, 2008 | 1:09 pm

      I think any team would look flat when they aren’t hitting or winning. I don’t think they look flat, I think they just suck right now.

      The fact is this is an older team for the most part and you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, so I’m not sure what you guys expect from the veterans. They are going to stay cool, calm, and collected whether they are winning or losing, and I guess that comes off as flat when they are losing.

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