• May 1st vs. The Tigers

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    Ian Kennedy.
    Jonathan Albaladejo. Chris Britton.

    A Not Ready For Prime-Time Player and Two Tons of Fun.

    Actually, I can see where some may say that Ian Kennedy was not helped by Bobby Abreu on that Cabrera triple in the third. But, at the end of the day, Ian threw too many pitches and did not complete enough innings.

    I’m starting to think that Kennedy is on the Ryan Bradley train. (Bradley was a 1997 first-rounder signed by New York. In 1998, he was rushed from Single-A, to Double-A, to Triple-A, and then to the majors to work in the Yankees pen. After five games in the majors, he was toast. Four years later, at the age of 26, he was out of baseball.)

    Maybe it’s time to send Kennedy down to Triple-A to log more innings at that level? If you have to replace him with Kei Igawa, could Igawa do any worse than Ian’s been doing?

    Lastly, to that picture on the right. Yes, that’s Claude Rains as the Yankees offense. Invisible.

    Watching this team play tonight, well, it was like watching the 1988 Yankees play. Seriously, the team has that type of feel to it. (And, for the record, Dave Eiland and Bobby Meacham were on the ’88 Yanks, so, maybe that has something to do with it?)

    And, General Joe? He must feel like he’s playing wet nurse to a last-place, dead-to-the-neck-up ball club, and choking to death. And, if not, he should.

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    1. Don
      May 2nd, 2008 | 2:54 am

      See what Greg Maddux did his first full year in the majors, then bite your tongue. Leave Kennedy alone is my advice. And no, I’m not saying Kennedy is another Maddux. But many excellent pitchers had to struggle, in the majors, before they found themselves.

      This team isn’t a WS contender.

    2. antone
      May 2nd, 2008 | 7:09 am

      I know this isn’t an excuse but Kennedy hasn’t really pitched in the best weather yet either. It would be nice to see how he pitches when it’s not raining or cold out.

    3. Joel
      May 2nd, 2008 | 8:01 am

      Is there anybody in this organization really any better than Kennedy right now? They already have Rasner replacing Hughes.

      You want to try Igawa and give Kennedy a break? At this point, what the heck? For $46 million, let hime have a shot.

      Although this is far from the best Yankee team I have ever seen, this group can still make it to the playoffs. They just need to not put themsleves out of it by playing so bad this month that they won’t be able to make up enough ground.

      The weather will warm up and the bats will come back. We’ll still mash our way to plenty of football score-type wins.

    4. MJ
      May 2nd, 2008 | 11:09 am

      Watching this team play tonight, well, it was like watching the 1988 Yankees play.
      I obviously couldn’t stay away for a week.

      When you say stuff like that, I’d like to remind you that last year, at this time, you were citing the 1991 Yankees as perhaps the worst Yankee team in recent memory. The point is that if you want to fret so much about every Yankee loss and what horrid team they remind you of, you still need to maintain some perspective.

      Will the Yanks make the playoffs this year? Who the hell knows. It’s WAY too soon to tell about these things. We just got swept by a team that ESPN was shitting all over a few weeks ago for being 0-11. The 2008 Yanks aren’t the 1998 Yanks yet but they’re also not the worst thing in the world. Let some of the bad luck and bad starts shake themselves out. If we’re where we are now on July 1st then go ahead and start penning the negative rants you love so much.

    5. hopbitters
      May 2nd, 2008 | 1:51 pm

      I don’t really have anything to add – I just wanted to give Steve credit for finding a way to slip Claude Rains in there.

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