• May 2nd vs. The Mariners

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    I said it last August, but, it bears repeating again:

    Wednesday may be Sundae at Carvel, but, in Yankeeland, Worm Killer Wang day is winner day.

    Only three earned runs for the Yankees offense today. And, Wanger made it hold up – with some help from the pen. And, I’ll confess, heading into the 8th inning, I was somewhat nervous about this one – given the way things have been going lately in Yankeeland.

    But, maybe today’s a sign of better days to come? Bobby Murcer returned to the Stadium. Kyle Farnsworth actually looked impressive…hey, you know me, always looking for the half of the glass that’s full. [wink]

    By the way, that Seattle reliever who allowed the Yankees to open up their lead in the 8th, Ryan Rowland-Smith, well, did you know that he’s the first player in big league history to have a hyphenated last name? Maybe that means nothing to some. But, to me, that’s pretty noteworthy. Then again, I’m still somewhat bothered by the fact that more people don’t remember that Charlie O’Brien was the first catcher to wear the hockey-style catcher’s mask that so many use today.

    Speaking of pen men….Joba and Mo…man, they’re like Bacardi and Cola – they get the job done.

    Lastly, speaking of booze commercials stuck in your head, anyone else have the hook from this one sticking in their head like an Ear-Worm from Perdition?

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