• SNY WheelHouse: Who’s Better Off, Torre Or Yanks?

    Posted by on May 6th, 2008 · Comments (1)

    Brandon Tierney and Scott Ferrall, yesterday on SNY’s WheelHouse, disagree on whether Joe Torre’s better off being gone from Yankeeland or if the Yankees are better off without Torre. Here’s the video:

    Me? I think it’s win-win. Torre gets a fresh start, in a town with a big enough spotlight for him to play the “I want to be treated like a celeb” card – with a nice paycheck to boot. And, the New York finally has a clean break from “Torre Yankees” which were great from 1996 to 2003 – but not so hot for the last four years.

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    1. jmeisner
      May 7th, 2008 | 12:03 am

      I dunno, 1996-2003 Yankees were 786-506 (.608), 2004-2007 Yankees were 387-261 (.597). Not much of a difference. Five game playoff series are a complete coinflip in baseball and seven game series aren’t a whole lot better.

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