• May 7th vs. The Indians

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    It would be very easy for me to say I was wrong about Cliff Lee and just write this loss off to his brilliance. But, I can’t do that – at least not 100%.

    Let’s face it: The Yankees lost this game because, between Cano, Molina, Duncan, and Ensberg, who were in the line-up today, there’s just too many free outs in those Yankees bats. (Although, this evening, Molina’s arm made up for his lack of bat.)

    Really…Wang as not awesome in this one. But, he still deserved to win. In fact, when you look at the back-to-back starts now from Pettitte and Wang, and see that the Yankees lost both games, at home, well…that tells you something about this team.

    Thank the heavens for the Seattle Mariners…or else this would be the home-stand from hell.

    Watching Cano make the final out of the game, I wondered “If A-Rod was in a ‘slump’ like this, he’d be hearing ‘boos’ like mad. How much longer will Yankees fans stay kind to Cano…and Giambi?” It’s an interesting question, to me.

    In any event, anyone else think the beat reporters will be peppering Hank’s cell phone after this game tonight?

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