• Malusis & Schwartz On Moose & Joba

    Posted by on May 9th, 2008 · Comments (0)

    Marc Malusis and Jonas Schwartz suggest, on SNY’s Geico SportsNite, that you still can’t trust Mike Mussina in a big game and that Joba Chamberlain needs to re-think his on the field celebrations. Here’s the video:

    I concur on the Joba item. As far as Mussina…well…if the big game is against Boston, yeah, sure, I would agree. But, if the big game is against a line-up of young and aggressive batters, then, maybe, that’s a spot where Moose’s new M.O. would be a good match-up. So, for me, it’s really a contingency thing on Mussina.

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