• May 18th vs. The Mets

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    The most games that the Yankees have been over .500 this year, so far, is two. And, the last time they were two games over .500 was April 23rd. Tomorrow is an off-day. And, the team is now 4 games under .500.

    It could be June before we see the Yankees be two games over .500 again.

    This was only the 5th time in Worm Killer Wang’s career that he’s allowed 7+ earned runs in a game. Two of the other four times were also in May: May 10th last year and May 22nd the year before that one. Strange, huh?

    But, even with Wang having a bad day, it didn’t matter – as the Yankees bats were…well…did you see that AMP Energy commerical with the goalies that ESPN was running tonight? After this game, the last line of that spot should be changed from “Your Mama’s so ugly she made an onion cry” to “Your Mama’s so ugly she’s like the Yankees batters with runners on base.”

    The Yankees now have the same exact record, after 44 games, this year (20-24) that they had this time last season (after 44 games). But, last season, they were 10.5 games back of first after 44 games – so, they’re lucky this year (I suppose).

    Still, this doesn’t look like a post-season contender, to me, the way they’ve been playing this season. Back in March, I thought the Yankees would win about 92 games this season. Now? I dunno.

    Yeah, I guess they could play .610 baseball the rest of the way – which would bring them to 92 wins on the season. The math seems possible…but, I’m just not feeling it right now.

    Tomorrow should be an interesting off-day in Yankeeland. Now, that I’m feeling pretty sure about…right now.

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    1. OnceIWasAYankeeFan
      May 19th, 2008 | 8:05 am

      Never should it be said that you don’t take instruction … on some things. 😉

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